Dr. Steven Buelow,

Chief Executive Officer, New Mexico Consortium

505 412-4186 (o)
Dr. Buelow is responsible for the leadership, management, and strategic direction of the organization. Before joining the New Mexico Consortium in 2012 as the Director of Laboratory Research, Dr. Buelow held research and management positions at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). As Leader of the Energy Security Center, he worked with LANL line and program organizations to coordinate the development of LANL’s Energy Security Mission.

Dr. Buelow has degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and in Physics and Chemical Physics from Harvard University. While at LANL, he initiated and led research projects in a wide range of technical areas including hydrothermal chemistry, high-resolution spectroscopy, and the measurement of ultra-fast dynamical processes. At LANL Dr. Buelow worked with more than seventy students and nearly two-dozen post-doctoral students and was recognized for excellence as a mentor.

Irina Izvekova,

Chief Operating Officer, New Mexico Consortium

505-920-1899 (o)
Irina has managed NMC business operations since 2008.  Irina organizes the business and administrative functions of NMC and establishes the duties and systems necessary to carry out the activities of NMC. She has primary responsibility for policy, strategy and implementation with regard to facilities, compliance and safety, procurement, contracting and research administration, and human resources. 

Irina holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Linguistics from Novosibirsk State University, Russia.  Irina worked as translator, writer, and instructor of Russian and English languages in Russia, Japan, and the US. Irina has 12 years of administrative experience in the US at non-profit organizations and higher education institutions, including the Universities of Colorado and New Mexico.

Shannan Schnedler,

Chief Communication Officer and Conference Manager, New Mexico Consortium

505 412-6898 (o)
Shannan has spent the bulk of her career in the non-profit sector, something she did not envision while obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree from Westminster College with dual majors in Aviation and the Honors Program. After deciding that the commercial pilot’s life was not for her, she went to work in fundraising, board and volunteer development, public relations and marketing for various non-profit organizations, including the American Cancer Society in Michigan, and the American Red Cross in Oregon and New Mexico. During her eight years with the American Red Cross, Shannan served in a variety of roles, eventually culminating with her serving as the Executive Director of the Santa Fe, NM chapter.

Shannan stepped down from the leadership role at the Red Cross when her first child was born, but continued to dabble in fundraising and management as a consultant. Now that both of her kids are in school, Shannan is delighted to be a fixture in the non-profit world once again, this time as the Director of Community Relations for the New Mexico Consortium.

When she’s not spending time at work or with her family, Shannan can often be found running on the trails around Los Alamos, teaching Yoga, swinging kettlebells, or practicing Krav Maga.

Greg Dye,

Chief Financial Officer, New Mexico Consortium

Gregory Dye has a Masters of Business Administration degree from New Mexico State University and 22 years of experience in finance management including as a Chief Financial Officer, a Senior Financial Analyst and as an Assistant Professor of Finance and Management.

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