4th q-bio Conference Poster Spotlight Presenters

The program includes 16 slots for poster spotlight talks:

  1. Jeffrey R. Enders, Vanderbilt University, Characterizing the Saccharomyces cerevisiae respiratory oscillation exometabolome by ion mobility-mass spectrometry
  2. Ambhi Ganesan, Johns Hopkins University, PKA is a control node in a Ca2+-dependent oscillatory circuit in pancreatic beta cells
  3. Sachin Goyal, Emory University, Determination of the number of proteins bound non-specifically to DNA
  4. Yuval Hart, Weizmann Institute, Robust Control in the Nitrogen Assimilation System of E.coli
  5. Jean Hausser, Basel University, Timing matters: Towards a kinetic model of miRNA-mediated gene silencing
  6. Jintao Liu, University of Pittsburgh, Variable Time-Delay to Commitment is the Major Source of Heterogeneity in Bacterial Spore Germination Kinetic
  7. Tetsuya Kobayashi, University of Tokyo, Dynamic Decision Making by Intracellular Kinetics
  8. Mark Maienschein-Cline, University of Chicago, Integration of high-throughput DNA binding and gene expression data to understand effector B cell fate choice
  9. Shankar Mukherji, MIT, MicroRNAs generate gene expression thresholds with ultrasensitive transitions
  10. Mei-Lyn Ong, MIT, Genetic control of robustness and tunability in the yeast osmosensing signaling pathway
  11. Tatjana Petrov, EPFL, Stochastic Semantics of Rule-based Models
  12. William Pontius, Yale University, Behavioral variability in the bacterial chemotaxis system arising from component localization
  13. Barak Peleg, Weizmann Institute, Up and Down: membrane waves driven by curved activators of actin polymerization
  14. Jacob Stewart-Ornstein, University of California, San Francisco, Noise in Gene Expression Reveals Cellular Pathways
  15. Savas Tay, Stanford University, Uncorrelated transcription factor dynamics in sister cells
  16. Julia Tsitron, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, A Biophysical Model of Chemical Sensing

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