4th q-bio Summer School Logistics

Travel Information

Flying in

You can fly either to Albuquerque airport (ABQ) or to Santa Fe airport (SAF). Service to SAF is limited and tends to be expensive, though the airport is closer. From our personal experience, you may want to avoid the last flight of the day to either of the airports, and especially to Santa Fe. Both airports are quite small by big-city standards, and rebooking may be a problem if your flight is cancelled or delayed due to weather or other problems.

Getting to Los Alamos/Santa Fe from the airports

Shuttle service to Los Alamos from either airport costs in excess of $80, and a reservation is needed in advance. Shuttle service is offered by two companies:

  • Roadrunner Shuttle (+1 505 424-3367)
  • LA Shuttle (+1 505 695-9407)

Shuttle service to Santa Fe from ABQ is offered by Sandia Shuttle Express. A reservation can be made online or by calling +1 888 775-5696.

If you wish to rent a car, you are eligible for the LANL contracted rate from Hertz, because the q-bio Summer School is sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Simply provide the LANL Hertz corporate discount number 72120 at the time of reservation and, more importantly, rental. Renting from Hertz is likely to be cheaper than other rental options because there is no surcharge for a one-way rental and full insurance is included in the LANL contracted rate. The Hertz car rental drop-off/pick-up location in Los Alamos is the Los Alamos County Airport, which has no commercial air service. Hertz rents only to those 21 years old or older.

Driving time to Los Alamos from Santa Fe and Albuquerque airports is about one and two hours, respectively. Traveling on a shuttle will take longer.

Local Transportation

  • Atomic City Transit provides free bus service within Los Alamos.
  • New Mexico Park & Ride commuter bus service connects Los Alamos to Pojoaque and Santa Fe (Blue Route). The one-way fare is $3. Exact change is required. There is no weekend service.
  • The New Mexico Rail Runner train connects Santa Fe to Albuquerque. The downtown Albuquerque train station is connected to the Albuquerque airport (ABQ) via ABQ Ride city bus (Route 50) and the free Airport Express Route 350 shuttle. The one-way city bus fare in Albuquerque is $1.
  • Santa Fe Trails provides bus service within Santa Fe. The one-way city bus fare in Santa Fe is $1.


If you are bringing your own car, there is ample parking near the site of the summer school. Parking is free but by permit only. Permits will be made available.

Transportation to the q-bio Conference

The site of the q-bio Conference is the campus of St. John's College in Santa Fe, which can be reached via public transportation. A van will be provided for transport/storage of luggage.

Visiting Los Alamos National Laboratory

Badging requirements

  • If you are approved by DOE to visit LANL, you must pick up a visitor badge at the LANL Badge Office before coming onto any other LANL property. The Badge Office is located in the Otowi Building (Technical Area 3, Building 261). The Badge Office hours are 7:30-15:30 Mon-Fri and CLOSED Wed 11-12:30.
  • If you are a US citizen, to receive a badge, you must provide proof of citizenship. The only proof accepted is a) a US passport or b) a government issued photo ID and a birth certificate.
  • If you are not a US citizen, to receive a badge, you must provide photo ID, a valid passport, and visa documentation.
  • When on LANL property, you must wear your badge at all times, clearly visible above the waist.
  • You must swipe your badge at a badge reader before entering any building. You may enter only approved buildings.


To carry a non-LANL owned laptop (and many other non-LANL owned electronic devices) onto LANL property, you must complete Form 1897. You may complete this form upon arrival.

While on LANL property, please

  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Turn off or tape over camera
  • Use up-to-date anti-virus software
  • Carry a completed Form 1897 with your laptop (and other electronic devices)


Please do not use or carry a camera onto LANL property. If your mobile phone is equipped with a camera, do not use it. See below for more information about mobile phones.

Mobile phones

To carry a mobile phone onto LANL property you will need to complete Form 1897. This form can be completed upon arrival. While on LANL property, please

  • Do not use your camera, if your phone has one.
  • Do not carry your phone into buildings where mobile phones are not allowed, such as the T Division building (Technical Area 3, Building 123). Lock boxes are available outside such buildings.
  • Carry a completed Form 1897 with your phone.

Backpacks and other bags

All unidentified backpacks, purses, lunch pails and other bags will be confiscated and destroyed if left unattended. Please tag your bag upon arrival. Tags will be made available.

How to Find the Lecture Hall

The site of the summer school is Room 203A/B in the Los Alamos Research Park building at 4200 W Jemez Rd (map). This room is around the corner from Hot Rocks Java Cafe, a coffee and sandwich shop with free Wi-Fi. Across from the building is Technical Area 3 (TA-3) of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The building sits on the rim of Los Alamos Canyon (map). The lecture hall is a designated open area and a DOE-issued ID badge is not required to enter the lecture hall. If you are arriving at the Transit Center via either Atomic City Transit bus or NMDOT Park & Ride bus, you will need to walk along Jemez Rd to the Los Alamos Research Park building; see this map (Building 4200 is your destination). If you are walking uphill after passing the intersection with Diamond Drive, you will be going in the correct direction. Please do not wander onto property of Los Alamos National Laboratory without a DOE-issued ID badge!!

About the surrounding area: The network of hiking trails throughout Los Alamos can be accessed from the research park. One can drive from the research park to the Pajarito Mountain ski/mountain biking area in about 10 minutes. By car, one can reach sites such as the Santa Fe National Forest, Bandelier National Monument, and the Valles Caldera National Preserve in less than 30 minutes.

  • Map - the Los Alamos Research Park is at the top of the map, a bit to the left from the center; the building number is 4200.
  • Parking permits will be available upon request.
  • Wireless and wired internet access will be available at the classroom. A printer will also be available.


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