7th q-bio Summer School Locations

Lectures will take place on two different campuses on weekdays from July 22 through August 2. There will be joint sessions on August 5 and 6 in Santa Fe. All students will then attend The Seventh q-bio Conference in Santa Fe (August 7-10, 2013).

St. John's College, Santa Fe, New Mexico

St. John's College in Santa Fe will host the NM branch of the 7th annual q-bio Summer School as well as the q-bio Conference. The courses offered in Santa Fe are indicated below. Enrollment is limited.

Campus Description. Nestled at 7,300 feet above sea level in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the 250-acre Santa Fe campus offers both spectacular scenery and cultural attractions. Santa Fe is the capitol city of the state of New Mexico with a population of 65,000. It has been a Spanish colonial town, a frontier town, and was and still is a center for indigenous culture. Santa Fe is 57 miles from Albuquerque, the nearest metropolitan area. Nearby airports are SAF and ABQ.

University of California, San Diego, California

The school expanded to two campuses in 2011. The course offered in San Diego are indicated below. Enrollment is limited.

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