Symposium on Cell Signaling 2016

A Symposium on Cell Signaling will be hosted by New Mexico Consortium and sponsored in part by Los Alamos National Laboratory on August 28-31, 2016 in Santa Fe, NM.

Cell signaling is a highly complex, yet extremely precise, process that governs many important functions in bacterial and human cells. Each signaling process involves multiple steps, and the major research challenge is to perform appropriate experiments and modeling not only to study the individual steps, but also to understand how these steps are properly coordinated and regulated to produce the end-point response.

Over the course of his career, Los Alamos scientist Byron Goldstein made significant contributions to the area of immune cell signaling induced by receptor-ligand binding. In honor of his retirement, we are holding this symposium and have invited leading experts in this field to discuss the advances they have made by combining experiments and modeling.

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