Working with the NMC - For LANL Staff

LANL staff are eligible for NMC Affiliation.  Affiliated researchers may initiate activities and proposals in the NMC and participate in NMC programs. The NMC and LANL's National Security Education Center (NSEC) jointly manage LANL staff participation in the NMC.  NMC and NSEC have established policies for NMC participation specific to LANL researchers. The points of contact for NMC and NSEC are provided below.
NMC Affiliation
Affiliated researchers may pursue proposals or other activities in the NMC. LANL researchers can meet with NMC to learn about opportunities to work with the NMC, including:
  • leading or participating in NMC programs
  • terms of NMC employment and service positions
  • capabilities available at the NMC and other institutions
  • opportunities for engaging universities and industry
More information can be found at: NMC Office of Research Administration.

Initiating an Activity or Proposal in the NMC

LANL staff require initial approval from both NSEC and NMC to pursue activities with the NMC.  Once the project or activity has initial NMC/NSEC approval, NSEC pursues LANL management approval. Researchers may prepare for proposal submission or other activities in the NMC while NSEC pursues LANL management approval.  NMC does not submit proposals or initiate activities involving LANL staff in the NMC until NSEC has received LANL management approval and notified the NMC.

LANL Researchers should meet with the LANL NSEC office to initiate the approval process.  To learn more go to the NSEC/NMC Coordation Office webpage.

During this process, NSEC requests approval from the NMC to proceed with the activity. NMC may contact you to discuss opportunities to collaborate with NM universities on your program and clarify the project definition and requirements.  You may contact the NMC if you have questions about NMC's terms of employment or capabilities. The NMC facilitates collaboration with the NM universities.  We encourage you to meet with us to discuss how to engage with our partners on your research programs.

If NMC approves the activity and affiliation, NSEC pursues LANL management approval. NMC may work with researchers preparing for the activity or proposal while LANL management approval is being obtained. NSEC notifies NMC when LANL management approval has been obtained, but we will not submit a proposal or initiate an activity in the NMC until NSEC notifies that LANL management approval has been obtained.  LANL researchers should allow at least 2 weeks to obtain LANL management approvals. 

Most activities that have received initial NSEC/NMC approval get LANL management approval; however, not all activities are approved.  Both LANL and NMC may terminate an activity in the NMC at any time for any reason.

NMC will establish an affiliation with each researcher submission of a proposal or start of the activity.  More information about NMC Affiliation is available here.

More information can be found at: NMC Office of Research Administration.

Working On NMC Programs

NMC Research Fellows may develop their own projects, or they may join existing NMC programs.  Prior to start of work, NMC prepares a Project Task Statement (PTS) for each researcher that includes:

  • Information from the original proposal/activity approval, updated as needed.
  • The researcher’s role on the project (researcher, mentor, tasks, scope)
  • Whether they will participate as an employee or as a Research Fellow.
  • Their expected level of effort over what period.
  • Any other relationships they have with the NMC.
  • Work location/facility and equipment requirements.
  • Technical exchange management plan identifying any IP, export controlled information or DOE sensitive information involved in the project and how it will be managed.

NSEC works with the researcher to obtain the necessary approvals pursuant to LANL's process for participation in the NMC based on the NMC work plan. Work may begin when NSEC notifies NMC the work plan has been approved. To learn more go to the NSEC/NMC Coordination Office webpage.

NMC allows LANL staff to work up to 115% per NMC fiscal year across both institutions.  Affiliated researchers participate in the NMC as an outside activity. 

NMC Contacts

Steve Buelow
NMC Director

Irina Izvekova
Chief Operating Officer
505 412-4178

National Security Education Center Contacts

Alan Hurd
NSEC/NMC liaison
Keith Collins
NSEC/NMC liaison

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