UbiQD, Los Alamos Company, Creates Energy Gathering Windows

Imagine if all the windows in your house and workplace were perfectly clear yet were able to gather sunlight and create solar energy all day long. Well, thanks to Hunter McDaniel and his Los Alamos based company, UbiQD, this is now a reality! 

UbiQD is a pioneer in a new kind of solar energy source. They have devoloped a nanomaterial, Quantum dots, that can be folded into the glass to better focus light into energy.

McDaniel, who left Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2014. He incorporated his business with a commitment from the New Mexico Consortium which aims to boost scientific research in the state. McDaniel still works closely with LANL today. 

The next step is to begin manufacturing. Los Alamos county and the state have pledged support through a loan and grant just this last week. This is an amazing step into a future where we do not need to worry so much about energy.

Read the full Santa Fe New Mexican article to learn more at: Los Alamos Company's Innovation Ignites Prospect of Energy Gathering Windows

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