• Travel Guidelines: Please read prior to travel. Preapproval is always required for foreign travel, GSA mileage, lodging and meals.
  • Reimbursement Form: Travelers should sibmit the Reimbursement Form and supporting documentation no later than 60 days after travel is completed.
    • If you are submitting receipts for job relocation cost reimbursement, please be advised that due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, relocation is now considered a taxable income and will be processed through your paycheck.
  • International Travel Form: Please complete and submit this form a minimum of four weeks prior to all International travel OR a soon as you know that export certification or review may be required as it can take up to two months to complete this process.
  • Publication Approval Form: If you are presenting research while on travel, please complete this form and obtain approval prior to leaving.

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