Coming Soon! New Bradbury Science Museum Ribosome Exhibit

Shannan Schnedler, the New Mexico Consortium’s Director of Community Development, has been working closely with Dr. Karissa Sanbonmatsu and her team, including collaborators in Berlin and at Cornell University, on a new Ribosome Exhibit at the Bradbury Science Museum.
Dr. Sanbonmatsu is a Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist and an NMC affiliate who specializes in the study of ribosome simulations. The Sanbonmatsu Team uses computational and experimental approaches, including performing large scale simulations in order to understand the ribosome.

The Ribosome Exhibit will be a walk-through multi-media exhibit designed to teach museum visitors all about ribosomes, what they do, and why they are important.
What are ribosomes? Ribosomes are found in the cells of every living organism and are the molecular machine that makes proteins from amino acids. Every cell needs ribosomes. They create the proteins that are cells use to build, and our bodies are made up of many proteins.
Did you know that understanding how ribosomes work is how we have learned to fight sickness and disease? Did you know that understanding ribosomes is key to understanding how to stop cancer and muscular dystrophy? Using LANL supercomputers, the Sanbonmatsu Team is working towards the goal of predicting how the ribosome moves, which will lay the foundation for new drug development. (Image on the left couresy of DOE/LANL)
The new Ribosome Exhibit will be open to the public in November of 2017. 

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