Gnanakaren Publishes in Biophysical Journal

New Mexico Consortium affiliate Sandrasegara Gnanakaran has a new publication titled Membrane-Mediated Regulation of the Intrinsically Disordered CD3e Cytoplasmic Tail of the TCR in the May 2015 edition of Biophysical Journal.

Gnanakaren is a Biophysicist with Los Alamos National Laboratory. His research interests focus on the  interface of biology and the physical sciences, where he strives to develop and apply computational methodologies to understand structural characteristics, kinetics and thermodynamics of peptides, proteins and carbohydrates in the context of aqueous and lipid environments. 

This recent publication looks at the regulation of T-cell-mediated immune responses. These responses depends on the phosphorylation of immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motifs (ITAMs) on T-cell receptors. Although many details of the signaling cascades are well understood, the initial mechanism and regulation of ITAM phosphorylation remains unknown. In this research, Gnanakaren used molecular dynamics simulations to study the influence of different compositions of lipid bilayers on the membrane association of the CD3e cytoplasmic tails of the T-cell receptors. 

To read this publication and learn more click here to see the pdf.

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