The Ultrascale Systems Research Center (USCR) is a collaboration between the NMC and LANL to engage universities and industry nationally in support of exascale research. USRC investigates the challenges of computing at extreme scales - millions rather than thousands of computers. Such large systems pose questions that have not yet been answered. USRC research includes the following research topics as they relate to exascale computing:
  • OS/systems/network software stacks
  • Scalable and reliable runtimes and middleware
  • IO/Storage, parallel file systems
  • Data Intensive (DISC)
  • Resilience, fault-tolerance, reliability, and dependability of hardware and software

The USRC is looking for individuals who would like to collaborate on this challenging yet rewarding research, such as students looking for a dissertation topic, faculty sabbaticals, postdocs and industry researchers. Collaborators come to the USRC for months, up to years, for intensive cooperative research. 







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