Storage Research in A New Computing and Communication Environment

David H.C. Du, Qwest Chair Professor, Dept of Computer Science & Engineering, U of Minnesota, Aug 3, 2011

The Internet today has grown to an enormously large scale. Devices large and small are connected globally from anywhere on the earth. With the rapid advancement of technology, we now also have cheap and small devices with high computing power and large storage capacity. These devices are designed to improve our daily life by monitoring our environment, collecting critical data, and executing special instructions. These devices have gradually become an essential part of our Internet. Many imaging, audio and video data are converted from analog to digital. As a result, unprecedented amount of data are collected by these devices and are available via Internet. How to manage and look for the desired information becomes a great challenge. In this talk, we will examine the storage research challenges in this new environment. We will also present a number of research projects that are currently under investigation in our NSF I/UCRC Center. These projects include how to integrate new non-volatile memory like flash memory and phase change memory into existing memory/storage hierarchies, data duplication, long term data archive, power-aware computing, cloud storage and understanding file system I/O traces.

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