This photo shows an New Mexico Consortium researcher using a gene gun as a part of research carried out in the NMC biological laboratory.

Transgenic cassava plants being propagated in tissue culture. This is part of the Biocassava Plus Program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Algae grown in liquid media in flasks. This may be an image comparing a wildtype strain of algae to a mutant NMC researchers made in the lab.

This photos shows a researcher at work in the biological laboratory at the New Mexico Consortium.

These are Arabidopsis plants, part of the research on engineering carbon dioxide concentrating mechanisms for enhanced photosynthesis. 

This photo shows a researcher working with transgenic seeds.

This photo shows micropropagation of cassava plants. Research involving cassava at the NMC is looking at increasing plant productivity and nutritional qualities in order to assist with malnutrition issues worldwide.

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