NMC Sponsors NM FIRST Lego Jr. Team

The NMC is proud to sponsor this group of awesome kids! FIRST LEGO League teams build LEGO-based autonomous robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS technology and develop project based on real world challenges.

Congratulations to the Los Alamos group of New Mexico FIRST LEGO League Jr. Team for winning the Showmanship Award at the Los Alamos Expo on December 8, 2018, held at the Los Alamos Middle School.

Thank you Taraka Dale, a LANL and NMC Biolab researcher, for lending your time and efforts to support the team.

Schambach Teaches at STEM Expanding Your Horizens Conference


Shambach assists students in using their microscopes. Photo by Barb Odell of STEM Santa Fe.

The fall 2018 STEM Santa Fe Expanding your Horizons conference took place on Saturday October 13, 2018 at Santa Fe Community College. This STEM conference takes place each year and is for Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico girls in 5th through 8th grade. The focus of this conference is to encourage young women to pursue STEM (science, technology and engineering and math) education.

Nearly 200 students attended the conference which featured over 15 hands-on workshops. The conference workshops are all lead by volunteer professionals working in STEM fields. This conference provides a unique opportunity for girls to experience STEM careers first hand and meet women scientists who enjoy sharing their love of science.

Jenna Schambach, a Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) research scientist at the New Mexico Consortium (NMC) Biolab, was one of the many volunteers teaching workshops at this event.

Schambach taught two 1 hour workshopson Algal Biofuels, the first had 7 young women participating and the second had 14 participants. Her workshop included a brief presentation teaching about what algae are, the different types of algae and where they are found, why LANL cares about algal research, and a little about Schambach's specific research - growing algae in the presence of dead plant material. The students actively participated in the presentation by answering  questions as well as asking questions of their own.

Next, the students observed different species of algae under the microscope and had to try to match them with the pictures and names of the species Schambach had on the board. The students all did very well even though it's not an easy task! Many of them told Schambach they had a lot of fun learning about all the different types of algae and how we make biofuel and other products from it. A couple of the participants even said this workshop was their favorite of the day!

STEM Santa Fe leads many STEM programs in Northern New Mexico that are project based, hands-on and provide extended learning experiences for youth at low to no cost. To learn more see their webpage at http://stemsantafe.org/


UNM Science Olympiad Event Needs Volunteers

We Need Volunteers!
Central NM Science Olympiad
Event Supervisors needed!
Saturday, February 3, 2018
UNM ~ Johnson Center
We need volunteers for the following events:
Crime Busters (forensic lab event)
Game On (computer programing)
Mystery Architecture
Remote Sensing
Rocks & Minerals
Wright Stuff (balsa wood airplane construction/testing)
What is Science Olympiad?
Science Olympiad is a national competition that brings together middle school and high school students to compete in science-oriented events.
What is an Event Supervisor?
An event supervisor is a volunteer with relevant expertise who manages an individual event of the competition. It can be a teacher, student (college or above), industry professional, past or present. Nearly anyone with a background in the event's topic is welcome!
What does an event supervisor do?
  • Read and become familiar with the event rules
  • Set up and run the event on the day of the competition
  • Some events require the event supervisor to prepare a written test, other events require them to identify, gather and/or construct supplies, measuring devices, and test apparatus
What support is available to volunteers?
  • Advice, insight, and other support are available from the competition coordinator as well as past and current event supervisors
  • We can purchase of supplies and provide volunteers to assist on the day of the competition
  • We feed you! Breakfast, lunch and snacks available on the day of the competition
If you have expertise/experience in any of the subject areas listed above and you are passionate about helping students succeed in STEM, please contact Erin at scifair@unm.edu for more information!

NMC Participates in the Los Alamos 2018 ScienceFest


The New Mexico Consortium took part in the 2018 Los Alamos ScienceFest on Saturday July 14, 2018 with a booth displaying information on who we are and displays of several posters highlighting some exciting research going on at the NMC! 

This year was Los Alamos' 11th ScienceFest which was developed to celebrate the history and science of Los Alamos through fun and engaging activities for people of all ages.

Besides information, the NMC booth also had a hands-on activity for anyone interested. After trying to guess the number of algae cells in the flask, participants then could prepare a sample and use an Automated Cell Counter to figure out the answer. Several young potential scientists really enjoyed the pipetting!

Many people stopped by to talk to Steve Buelow, the NMC Chief Executive Officer, Shannan Schnedler, Chief Communication Officer, and Carrie Talus, Science Outreach and Communications. Overall, the day was a great success participating in this fun community event.


New Mexico Tech Career Fair 2017


The New Mexico Conosortium, along with 70 other companies, attended New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology's Fall 2017 Career and Graduate School Fair which was held on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. 

Shannan Schnedler, NMC's head of Community Outreach and Development, represented the NMC with a booth letting students know who we are and what we do, along with an educational and outreach materials, and information on current job openings.

All New Mexico Tech students were encouraged to attend to explore the wide variety of graduate school, internship, co-op, and full time employment opportunities that were presented. Students who attended were given the opportunity to visit with recruiters from a wide variety of fields to learn about opportunities within their organization.

New Mexico Tech is the region’s premier science and engineering school where hands-on research is readily available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Recruiters who participate in the NM Tech Career Fair routinely comment on the high caliber of Tech students as well as the quality of these events. 

To learn more about this annual event click here

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