Advanced Computing

This NMC/LANL initiative addresses the unsolved problems that stand in the way of achieving exascale computing.  Exascale computing challenges our ability to scale systems and applications to millions of nodes and billion-way parallelism. We must be able to program nodes with more than 10,000 heterogeneous processing elements and achieve reliability at these scales. Some other challenges include I/O and storage at these scales, light weight/right weight operating system kernels, and cybersecurity concerns at scale.    


Ultra-Scale Research

The NMC Ultrascale Systems Research Center (USRC) is a collaboration between the NMC and LANL to engage universities and industry nationally in exascale research. 

Many unsolved problems are standing in the way of achieving exascale computing. USRC was created to address these challenges through collaboration. USRC is interested in collaborations with University professors, students, and industry visitors.



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Archived Project: PRObE

PRObE (Parallel Reconfigureable Observable Environment) was an NSF-funded research facility providing a large-scale research facility to the computer science research community from 2010 to 2017.

Decommissioned LANL super-computers were made available for research on improving Operating Systems, Networking, Storage, Resiliency, and other systems research topics. 


The Ultrascale Systems Research Center (USCR) is a collaboration between the NMC and LANL to engage universities and industry nationally in support of exascale research. USRC investigates the challenges of computing at extreme scales - millions rather than thousands of computers. Such large systems pose questions that have not yet been answered. 

USRC's resliance research is largely composed of fault injection with the FSEF/PFSEFI tool, data analytics, and machine learning. Analytics and machine learning research is focused on learning from field data from supercomputers.

USRC research includes:

  • OS/systems/network software stacks
  • Scalable and reliable runtimes and middleware
  • IO/Storage, parallel file systems
  • Data Intensive (DISC)
  • Resilience, fault-tolerance, reliability, and dependability of hardware and software

The USRC is looking for individuals who would like to collaborate on this challenging yet rewarding research, such as students looking for a dissertation topic, faculty sabbaticals, postdocs and industry researchers. Collaborators come to the USRC for months, up to years, for intensive cooperative research. 

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LANL Collaborators             
To find out more contact Dr. Nathan DeBardeleben
USRC Director and Senior Research Scientist

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