Biolab People


Helin Alagoz

Pebble Labs Research Technician
Biocontrol of pathogens

Diana Ballesteros

Pebble Labs Inc.
Biocontrol of pathogens

Jaime Barber

Facility Manager

Amanda Barry

LANL Resident Researcher
Algae Biology and Biochemistry


Supratim Basu

NMC Researcher
Design and delivery of theraputic proteins for HLB protection

Tisza Bell

LANL Researcher
Genetic blueprint of microalgae carbon productivity

Matt Bergren

Quantum dots research

Ryan Bermel

Algae Research

Jeremiah Boyer

General Laboratory Work

Andrew Bradbury

Specifica, Inc.
Human antibody engineering and discovery solutions

Taylor Britton

UNM Graduate Student
Microbiology, Algae research

Cindy Budge

Specifica, Inc.
Antibody engineering and discovery solutions

Steve Buelow

Chief Executive Officer

Carol Kay Carr

LANL Researcher
Non-GMO algae strains with improved lipid and biomass accumulation

Gargi Chatterjee

NMC Researcher
Human health research

Elisa Cirigliano

LANL Guest Researcher
Characterization and improvement of microalgae strains for the advancement of biofuels and bioproducts

Elton Carvalho Concalves

Pebble Labs Inc. Senior Research Scientist,
Biocontrol of pathogens

Jim  Coons

LANL Resident Researcher
PACE Harvesting, Functional characterization of cellular metabolism

Alina Corcoran

Microalgal consortia research to enhance productivity and stability

Pedro Costa-Nunes

Pebble Labs Inc.
Biocontrol of pathogens

Sara D'Angelo

Specifica, Inc.
Antibody engineering and discovery solutions

Taraka Dale

LANL Resident Researcher
Algae strain characterization and improvments for advanced biofuels and biofuel products

Hajnalka Daligault

LANL Resident Researcher
Algae Research

Ashley DeAguero

Pebble Labs Inc.
Biocontrol of pathogens

Joseph DeAguero

Pebble Labs Inc

MariJo DeAguero

Laboratory Technician

Leyma De Haro

Institutional Biosafety Officer

Laura Dickson

Pebble Labs, Inc.
Biocontrol of Pathogens

Marion Dubeau

Pebble Labs Admin

Frank Erasmus

Specifica, Inc.
Antibody engineering and discovery solutions

Fortunato Ferrara

Specifica, Inc.
Antibody engineering and discovery solutions

Anna Finck

NMC Algae Biology and Biofuels

Shannon Flynn

Laboratory Technician

Nata Gadzhiyeva

Biolab Office Administrator

Nathan Garcia

Microalgal consortia research to enhance productivity and stability

William 'Cade' Gasway

LANL Student Guest Researcher
Boosting algae biomass for biofuels with plant substrate utilization

Raul Gonzalez

LANL Guest Researcher
Algal Research, Plant Biology

Jaime Guerra

Laboratory Technician

Gautam Gupta

NMC Research Scientist
Health and Agricultural Research

Scott Hennelly

NMC Resaercher
Algae and Plant Biology, Molecular Biology

Rex Hjelm

NMC Resaercdher
Structure property performance relationships in materials, geoscience and strucgural biology

Wendy  Hime

NMC Office Administrator

Lance Hogden

General Laboratory Work

Loan Huynh

NMC Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Designing antimicrobial peptids and investigating protein-protein interactions using computational methods

Ramesh Jha

LANL Researcher
Abiotically inspired hybrind Organophosphatase enzymes

Chang Kim

Protein and antibody engineering

Doo Nam Kim

LANL Resident Researcher
Structure-based simulations of riboswitches

Erick LeBrun

Pebble Labs Inc.
Biocontrol of pathogens

Choo-Hwan Lee

NMC Visiting Researcher
Enhancement of Photosynthetic Efficiency

Mietta Lillo

Selection of specific affinity reagents for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Panagiotis Lymperopoulos

NMC Researcher
Photosynthetic Efficiency, Plant Biology

Anca Lymperopoulou

NMC Researcher
Improving photosynthetic efficience and yield in crop plants

Jenni Macke

Pebble Labs Inc.
Biocontrol of pathogens

Danielle Marias

LANL Postdoc
Pine tree drought research

Babs Marrone

LANL Resident Researcher
Functional characterizatin of cellular metaboism

Nancy Mendoza

Pebble Labs Research Tech
Development of engineered bacteria for aquaculture protection from viral and bacterial pathogens


Jacqueline Mettler

LANL Postbach student researcher
Genetic blueprint of microalgae carbon productivity

Joseph Msanne

NMC Researcher
Plant Biology, Algal and Agricultural Research

Leslie Naranjo

Specifica, Inc.
Protein and antibody engineering

Niju Narayanan

LANL Postdoc
Agile Biofoundry

Sangeeta Negi

NMC Researcher
Algal and Biofuels Research

Wataru Nishima

NMC Researcher
Unlocking mechanism of tRNA translocation through the ribosome using large-scale molecular simulation


Rakshya Pokharel

NMC Researcher
Algae and Plant Culture, Molecular Biology

Cynthia Sackos

Laboratory Technician

Karissa Sanbonmatsu

LANL Researcher
Unlocking the mechanism of tRNA translocation through the ribosome using large-scale molecular simulation

Claire Sanders

LANL Researcher
Functional characterization of cellular metabolism

Richard Sayre

Pebble Labs Inc.
Biocontrol of pathogens, Plant Biology

Jenna Schambach

LANL Researcher
Protein and antibody engineering

Mikhail Sinev

Pebble Labs, Inc.
Design and development of transgenic bacteria to suppress viral and bacterial diseases

Elena Sineva

Pebble Labs, Inc.
Biocontrol of pathogens

Jennifer Stamps

Pebble Labs Inc.
Senior Research Scientist
Clinical  Research and Sensory Science

Shawn Starkenburg

LANL Research Scientist
Microbiology, Algae Research

Christina Steadman

LANL Researcher
Functional characterization of cellular metabolism

Charlie Strauss

LANL Researcher
Abiotically inspired hybrid organophosphatase enzymes

Nilusha Sudasinghe

LANL Researcher
Algal Biofuels Research

Andre Teixiera

Specifica, Inc.
Antibody engineering and discovery solutions

Tom Terwilliger

LANL/NMC Researcher
Human health and agriculture

Hiro Teshima

Algal biotechnology development

Zipeng Tian

Pebble Labs Inc.
Laboratory Research Technician

Andrew Thran

Pebble Labs Inc.
Biocontrol of pathogens

Tim Travers

Pebble Labs Inc.
Biocontrol of pathogens

Scott Twary

LANL Researcher
Algal Biotechnology

Jeanette Velasquez

Design and delivery of therapeutic proteins for HLB protection

Tanya Vinogradova-Shah

Little Fly Labs, LTD
Biocontrol of disease transmitting mosquito larvae and the pathogens they transmit using a novel gene knockout delivery system

Geoffrey S. Waldo

LANL Researcher
Molecular reporters for cell biology and protein engineering/directed evolution

Stephanie Willette

Pebble Labs Inc.

Kimberly Wright

LANL Researcher
No-GMO algae strains with improved lipid and biomass accumulation

Guangxi Wu

NMC Intern Researcher

Guohua "Karen" Yin

Little Fly Labs LTD
Biocontrol of disease-transmitting mosquito larvae adn the pathogens they transmit using a novel gene knockout delivery system.

Shujian Zhang

NMC Researcher 
Design and delivery of therpeutic proteins for HLB Protection

Ethel Zidenga

Pebble Labs Inc.
Office Administration

Tawanda Zidenga

Pebble Labs Inc.
Engineering Plant Secondary Metabolism






Current Biolab Research Projects

The NMC Biolab facilities are available to NMC, LANL, university and other researchers. Currently, the NMC Biolab has research lead by Los Alamos National Lab, the NMC, and by various local industrial collaborators. Below is a list of current research at the NMC Biolab. To read about our industrial collaborators' research click here

Tracking Microbial Effects on Water Uptake and Productivity of Plants

Soil microbiome and root microbial associates can benefit plants by increasing water and nutrient availability.  This LANL project studies the microbial impacts on plant water use and productivity during drought, and aims at characterizing ways by which the soil and root microbiome influences plant physiology.

PACE: Producing Algae for Coproducts and Energy

This research seeks to make algal biofuels more marketable by focusing on methods to improve algal productivity, the cultivation process, and harvesting. 

Developing Infrastructure to Deliver Novel Therapies for Citrus Disease

This research is focused on obtaining practical solutions to the Citrus Health Research Program by analyzing the current status of research, important technology gaps, and grower needs.

Design and Delivery of Therapeutic Proteins for HLB Protection

This research proposes to discover pre-symptomatic biomarkers for HLB disease by performing qPCR on Fluidigm to analyze 96 genes. Analysis of gene expression data will enable the capture of pre-symptomatic biomarkers. This project will develop diagnostic tools to detect HLB disease both in the laboratory and field environments.

Enhancing Biofuels from Genetially Engineered Camelina

The Center for Enhanced Camelina Oil (CECO) proposes to incrase the harvestable energy yield of Camelina oil as well as improve the composition of the oil to be a more stable and energy dense biofuel feedstock. 

An Integrative Genome-Wide Assessment of RNA Transport and Localization in Rice

This collaborative research project proposes to identify and globally characterize RNA binding proteins (RBPs). RNA sequences depleted from total RNA will be sequenced and compared to untreated total RNA to identify new RNA candidates.

Phenix: Integrated algorithms for high-quality models from crystallographic and cryo-EM data

This LANL project researches x-ray crystallography and single particle cryo-EM at near atomic resolution.

Innate Immunity LLC

This start-up company does research on agricultural health. Webpage coming soon.

Spartina Biotech LLC 

See the Spartina Biotech LLC webpage for more information.


Atmospheric Aerosols and Precursors form Algal Biofuel Production

DMS, produced by phytoplankton, is a major source of cloud condensation nuclei over the ocean. The main oblective of this study is to determine of DMS is a major byproduct of algal biofuel production and to examine the implications of moving a primarily marine cycle to the terrestrial biome. 

Success through Synergy: Increase Cultivation Yield and Stability with Rationally Designed Consortia

This joint LANL-NMC project aims to increase the productivity of Nannochloropsis cultures in open, outdoor, brackish cultivation systems by ecologically engineering algal-bacteria consortia. In contrast to other consortia work, this project will implement rational designs and high-throughput selection methods.

New Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease

Research on new treatments for Alzheimer's disease is happening at a furious pace. This study is looking at new therapies using the RNA from cells found in the central nervous system of mice. 

Improving photosynthetic efficience and yield in crop plants

The five best performing independent homozygous HLA3/PGR5 lines (T3) will be transformed with the BCA/LCIA construct. 

More Realization of Algal Potential (REAP) Research

Will develop the ability to produce 2500 gal/acre/year of algal biofuel intermediates by 2018 by integrating and extending the most promising organisms and technologies developed with sequential extraction process that separates starches and amino acids prior to hydrothermal conversion of remaining lipid to a biofuel intermediate.

Developing Infrastructure and Producting For New Citrus Greening Disease Therapies 

U.S. Citrus growers have a critical need for grove-deployable management practices that keep healthy citrus from becoming infected and infected trees from becoming symptomatic. This project presents a systems-based pipeline approach delivering commercial, grove-deployable solutions using a novel therapeutic delivery strategy and citrus transgenics.

Foldamers Research Project

The functions carried out by proeins and nucleic acids provide the foundation for life. This LANL research studies foldamers, synthetic oligomers with discrete folding propensities that make them similar to proteins and nucleic acids. Research on foldamers may lead to many biomedical applications.

Pebble Labs Inc Research 

See the Pebble Labs Inc webpage for more information.

Specifica's Research

See the Specifica webpage for more information.





NMC Industrial Collaborators


Collaboration is an integral part of scientific research, and is increasingly moving towards partnerships being created across different department, disciplines, and institutions, even between academic, government and private industry. This type of interdisciplinary collaboration has accelerated the pace of research and encouraged the development of innovative and groundbreaking strategies in investigating increasingly novel and complex topics. Currently at the NMC, industrial collaborators include Pebble Labs USA Inc., Specifica, Innate Immunity LLC, Spartina Biotech LLC, and UbiQD

Pebble Labs USA Inc. is working to safely and sustainably eliminate pathogens in agriculture, aquaculture and vector-borne disease without herbicides, pesticides and antibiotics. Through the process of transbiotics, Pebble Labs uses naturally occurring bacteria to produce double-stranded RNA that are designed to inhibit the expression of genes in only the targeted pathogens and pests, without harming the environment, the host organism or humans. Pebble Labs Inc is made up of three smaller companies, MermaidBioIronLeaf, and LittleFly
Specifica is focused on providing the next generation of human antibody engineering and discovery solutions.  Specifica’s technology delivers high-affinity human antibodies with desired characteristics, and their native human libraries can provide powerful and exclusive in-house discovery capabilities.

Innate Immunity LLC. is a local start-up company doing research on agricultural health. Webpage coming soon.

Spartina Biotech LLC is a biofuel and renewable energy development corporation whose mission is to develop technologies and applications that advance production of renewable energy sources while supporting the sustainability of natural resources. We specialize in cost-effective treatment of industrial waste water and in the production of renewable energy through biofuel and bioproduct development and production for a sustainable, domestically produced, clean source of energy, food and water.
UbiQD, a Los Alamos based startup company, manufactures quantum dots, and is pioneering window tints that could turn skyscrapers into renewable energy power plants. While UbiQD mainly focuses on solar window technology, it is also developing an agriculture product around their unique nanomaterials. The quantum dot films can also be used in greenhouses to tailor the solar spectrum to give plants better quality light, which can enhance photosynthesis. UbiQD also sells  materials for R&D purposes and provides materials technology development services. 


Biolab Equipment


Equipment available to researchers at the NMC Biolab: 

  • Sorvall RC-5C Plus Refrigerated Superspeed Centrifuge. Item #20873
  • LI-COR Portable Photosynthesis System
  • Gene Pulser Xcell Total System - Electrophoresis Machine. Cat #165266 (main unit), 1652667 (CE Module)
  • Thermofisher From a Series 3 Water Jacketed CO2 Incubator
  • HP P4800 Storage System (SanIQ Storage Solution)
  • Extreme Networks Aspen 8810 Switch
  • Storage System
  • Photo Bioreactor (PBR) (4 total)
  • Centrifuge: Heraeus Megafuge 16R 120V, 50, Rotor F21-48X2CF, Adapters 9X15 ML Conical, Adapters 4x50 ML Conical
  • QIAcube (Automated purification of DNA, RNA, or proteins) – Qiagen
  • QuantStudi 3D Digital PCR System
  • ProFlex Thermal Cycler
  • VWR Ultra Low Temperature Upright Freezer
  • Select Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezer, 86° to 50°C, Nor-Lake® Scientific 208V
  • Select Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezer, 86° to 50°C, Nor-Lake® Scientific 115V
  • Select Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezer, 86° to 50°C, Nor-Lake® Scientific 208V
  • HP1100 Series HPLC System
  • ChemiDoc MP System
  • Agilent Refractive Index detector and accessories (HPLC System)
  • SONY Cell sorter system LE-SH800ZEP
  • REDISHIP Purifier® Logic®+ Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinet, Labconco®
  • FlaskScrubber Labconco - Freestanding Glassware Washer
  • CAMERA Lumenera 1.4 AMP CCD Cooled monochrome camera with Infinity Analyze software
  • Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Spectrophotometer
  • Percival Growth Chamber (5 total)
  • HTA-NMC-090414 Growth Chamber
  • Innova 2350 Open Air Shaker, 2" Orbit (2 total)
  • Biosafety Cabinet; Fisher Scientific 1300 Series A2
  • Computer Server, Dell Computer, Power Edge R730
  • Oxylab Oxygen Electr/Oxylab Control Unit
  • Photon Systems Instruments FluorCam/Fluorometer
  • Photon Systems Thermoluminescence Sys
  • Olympus Microscope
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Centrifuge
  • ThermoFisher Sorvall WX 80 Ultra-Centrifuge
  • Agilent QPCR System 110V
  • Fisher Scientific (Freezer) -80C Revco Ultima +
  • Fisher Scientific Milli-Q Integral 5
  • Manual Defrost Freezer - Futura Silver Series (6 total)
  • Mettler Toledo Balance XP1203S
  • Millipore Overhead Equipment with 3 Dispensers
  • Promega Maxwell 16 DNA/RNA Extraction Instrument
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer Desktop System
  • Agilent Gas Chromatograph
  • BioRad Biolistic PDS - 1000/HE (gene gun)
  • BioRad GEL DOC EZ Imager
  • BioTek SYNH4 Mono Lum ABS - Plate Reader
  • Chemical Hood-6' Green Solutions Hood
  • Fisher Scientific/Parr Calorimeter
  • FTS Flex-Dry XP Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer)
  • Varian Cary Spectrophotometer
  • New Brunswick Scientific Shaker
  • Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer Cflow Plus Work Station
  • Biosafety Cabinet; Fisher Scientific 1300 Series A2 1300 Series A2
  • Liquid N2 -Elan2 Auto Transfer
  • HTA-NMC-102813-100-00 Growth Chamber
  • Conviron Growth Chamber (2 total)
  • Reverse Osmosis System (Goulds)
  • Autoclave (Sterilizer) (3 total)
  • W7120PT Xerox Printer/Fax/Copier
  • CAMERA: Olympus High Resolution Digital DP73-1-51 17MP Color Camera
  • 6' Wide Infinity Hood
  • 4' Wide Infinity Hood
  • Indoor Cooler (Cold Room)
  • Flaskscrubber F/S HI-Temp Dishwasher
  • New Brunswick Scientific Shaker

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