Human Health and Agricultural Research

Human Health and Agricultural Research

Human Health and Agricultural Research

New Mexico Consortium Science Labs in Los Alamos

Basic Research

The projects in basic science include:

  • Quantitative understanding of subversion of immune pathways due to pathogenic infection.
  • Analysis of genome-wide expression of the genes/proteins belonging to the immune pathways to identify specific genes and proteins that are suppressed or activated during pathogenesis.
  • Determination of how pathogen virulence factors interact with specific host proteins to hijack the immune defense pathways (such as autophagy) to establish pathogenic niche.
  • Identification of specific host microRNAs that are normally induced for beneficial regulation of immune defense but are aberrantly induced upon pathogenic infection to the detriment of the host.
  • Development of algorithms and software for determining macromolecular structures by X-ray diffraction and cryo-EM.

Translational Research

Current Efforts in Alzheimer's Disease Research

The human health research extends beyond pathogens to other diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease,

The human immune system is compromised in Alzheimer’s disease and in other neurological disorders.  Hence, similar combination of basic and translational science is currently underway to understand and counter Alzheimer’s disease and other related neurological disorders.

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