LANL Research Fundamental to New HIV Vaccine Study

For World AIDS Day, international partners have announced the first study for an investigational HIV-1-preventive “mosaic” vaccine. Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson are joining forces with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and National Institutes of Health, and they have enlisted the aid of top researchers worldwide to conduct the trial. The goal of the mosaic vaccine will be to elicit immune responses that can protect a vaccinated person from the world of HIV diversity that they might encounter.

The HIV-1 mosaic vaccine in the trial was originally designed at Los Alamos National Laboratory by theoretical biologist Bette Korber and her team.

The search for an HIV vaccine has been challenging due in part to the virus’s incredible diversity. HIV-1 has an ability to mutate rapidly, which results in great global genetic diversity with multiple strains and subtypes prevalent in different parts of the world.

The mosaic design was based on input that included thousands of HIV sequences kept at the Los Alamos HIV Database, a publicly available international resource funded through the National Institutes of Health. 

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