Community Outreach - Biofuels Exhibit

The NMC, in joint cooperation with LANL, has completed a new Biofuels Exhibit at the Bradbury Science Museum. The exhibit highlights the work of the NMC and algae researchers at LANL, UNM and NMSU to create an informative, educational, and interactive exhibit.

Why algae? Some experts believe that algae is set to eclipse all other biofuel feedstocks as the cheapest, easiest, and most environmentally friendly way to produce liquid fuel.  Come learn why it's easy to get excited by algae, how fast they grow, how they can help humanity and the environment. The exhibit talks about the 8000 kinds of algae and how we find the strains with the potential to replace fossil fuels.

To watch a section of the video on display as a part of the new Biofuels Exhibit click here.

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