20 Years of Quantum Dots at Los Alamos

20 Years of Quantum Dots at Los Alamos

April 12-16, 2015, Santa Fe Community Convention Center, Santa Fe NM, USA

It was twenty years ago when quantum dots came to Los Alamos. These fascinating structures are at the heart of many early developments in what is called now “nanoscience & nanotechnology.” At that time they were studied by a relatively small group of enthusiasts captivated by the wonders of the quantum world.  Since then, the family of quantum dot scientists has expanded tremendously, and its members have driven the evolution of colloidal quantum dots from a laboratory curiosity to a versatile material class exploited in a wide range of emerging technologies.

Please join us in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico at a special 4-day event 20 Years of Quantum Dots at Los Alamos. This conference will bring together both senior and young researchers from all over the world to reflect on two decades of advancements in colloidal quantum dots, examine the very latest developments in the field, and discuss the next steps toward the future of these exciting materials.

Conference Website: https://newmexicoconsortium.org/conferences/quantumdots-20-years/home

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