Advanced Qualification of Additive Manufacturing Materials Workshop

Additive manufacturing (AM) offers distinct advantages over conventional manufacturing processes including the capability to both build and repair complex part shapes; to integrate and consolidate parts, and thus overcome joining concerns; and to locally tailor material compositions as well as properties.

A variety of fields such as aerospace, military, automotive, and biomedical are employing additive manufacturing technique as a way to decrease costs, increase manufacturing agility, and explore novel geometry/functionalities. To increase acceptance of additive manufacturing as a viable processing method, pathways for qualifying both the material and the process need to be developed and, perhaps, standardized.

The organizing committee would like to extend an invitation for you to attend a workshop in Santa Fe, NM - "Advanced Qualification of AM Materials using in situsensors, diagnostics, and modeling". Invited speakers from universities and research centers, both US-based and Europe-based, will provide updates on their advanced qualification strategies or will present process-microstructure-property-performance results that motivate the need for an advanced qualification methodology.

Talks over the course of the 1.5-day workshop will cover mixtures of metals, non-metals, experimental, and modeling. Included in this Gordon style workshop will be panel discussions with the invited speakers. This open atmosphere will allow for extended discussions in areas of interest to the audience. We would appreciate your participation in this full event and look forward to seeing you in Santa Fe in July.

To learn more about the Advanced Qualification of Additive Manufacturing Materials Worskhop (AMM 2015):

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