NMC Bio-initiative Workshop May 9th and 10th

Los Alamos Research Park (LARP), Conference Room 203A&B

Follow the directions on this page to park at the LARP

NMC and LANL will hold a workshop on Thursday May 9th and Friday May 10th to launch a joint initiative in Biology.  This initiative addresses plant biology applications to biofuels and food security.  Food security includes ecology and the effects of climate change on the food supply.

NMC works closely with the UNM's Center for Bio-Medical Engineering (CBME) and the New Mexico Center for SpacioTemporal Modeling.  Our bio-medical research aligns closely with these centers and focuses instrumentation and diagnostics, bio-materials, computation and modeling and systems biology.

For more information on our biology initiative and how to get involved, please see our website.

University and LANL researchers interested in working with the NMC to pursue collaborative research in these areas are invited to attend this workshop.

Full abstracts available here.

The following schedule is tentative and subject to change  The schedule will be final Tuesday May 7th.  Please check back on Tuesday. 

Thursday, May 9th , Los Alamos Research Park, Conference Room 203A&B

Plant Biology: Biofuels

8:30 AM Light breakfast buffet by Hot Rocks
9:00 AM
The Developing Biofuels Program in New Mexico
Host and Moderator: Jose Olivares, Bioscience Division Leader, LANL
9:25 AM
Algae and the Water, Energy, and Environment Nexus
Pete Lammers, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, NMSU
9:55 AM
10:25 AM Break with breakfast leftovers
10:35 AM
11:05 AM
11:35 AM
Closing Remarks: Katharine Chartrand, Executive Director, New Mexico Consortium 


Lunch Buffet for Workshop Participants at Los Alamos Research Park, Catered by Hot Rocks Java Cafe 

Bio-Medical Engineering

12:30 PM Flow Cytometry in New Mexico: Past, Present, and Future
Steve Graves, Faculty, Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, UNM
1:15 PM Overview of the UNM Center for Bio-Medical Engineering
Host and Moderator: Andy Shreve, Director, Center for Biomedical Engineering, UNM
1:25 PM Dynamic Transition States of ErbB1 Phosphorylation Predicted by Spatial-stochastic Modeling
Meghan McCabe, Graduate Student, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, UNM
2:00 PM Break with light refreshments
2:15 PM Overview of NM Ctr for Isotopes in Medicine (NMCIM) ~ Highlighting Interactions in the Past and Looking at Future Opportunities
Scott W. Burchiel, Ph.D., UNM Health Sciences Center - College of Pharmacy
2:50 PM Diffusion Properties Limit Effectiveness of Chemotherapy in Cancer
Vittorio Cristini, Department of Pathology, Health Sciences Center, UNM
3:25 PM  Break
3:40 PM Structure and Dynamics of Functional Polyampholytes
Eva Chi, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, UNM
4:15 PM Detection of Shiga-toxin Carrying E. coli in Beef-chain
Harshina Mukundan, Ph.D., Bioscience Business Development Executive, LANL
4:50 PM Closing Remarks: Katharine Chartrand, Executive Director, NMC

Invitation-only Dinner at the New Mexico Consortium Biological Laboratory Greenhouse

5:00 PM Beer and Wine Reception
6:00 PM Dinner and Talks Begin

Friday, May 10th, Los Alamos Research Park, Conference Room 203A&B

Plant Biology: Food Security and Ecology

8:30 AM Hot Rocks Light Breakfast Buffet
9:00 AM Tapping the Molecular Potential of Microalgae to Produce Biomass
Host and Moderator: Dick Sayre, Senior Research Scientist, LANL and NMC
9:35 AM We Don't Need Agricultural Research; Wal-Mart Always has Enough Food to Feed My Family
David Thompson, Associate Dean & Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, NMSU
10:10 AM Drought, Climate Change, and Global Vegetation Mortality
Nate McDowell, Technical Staff Member, Earth and Environmental Sciences, LANL
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Plant and Ecosystem Responses to Climate Change
Will Pockman
, Faculty, Department of Biology, UNM
11:35 AM Soil Fungal Communities in Forest and Arid Shrubland Ecosystems
Cheryl Kuske
, Technical Staff Member, LANL
12:10 PM Closing Remarks: Katharine Chartrand, Executive Director, NMC

Full Abstracts

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