USRC Students and Postdocs

Atiqul Mollah,

PhD Student, Florida State University
Atiqul received his Bachelor’s degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. Currently he is a PhD student at Florida State University. His area of research interest include Software Defined Networking(SDN), Interconnection Networks, Data center networks and Parallel Processing using MPI.

At USRC, he is working on implementation of dynamic and scalable services in HPC systems using OpenFlow/SDN.

Bin Huang,

PhD Student in Reconfigurable Computing System Lab, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Bin is a PhD student in Reconfigurable Computing System Lab at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His research interest includes novel computer architecture using FPGA technology and resilient many-core chip.

At USRC, Bin conducted research on a resilient runtime system framework for heterogeneous many-core architecture which combines a few reliable cores and many less reliable cores.

Chao Chen,

PhD Student, Texas Tech University
I received my B.E. and Master degrees in computer science at the Hunan University, China. I am currently a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science of Texas Tech University since 2011. My research interesting in data intensive computing, parallel computing, and storage.

My work at USRC is developing and evaluating a new paradigm for Data-intensive applications to reduce the impact of I/O limitations.

Ziming Zhang,

PhD Student, Computer Science & Engineering, University of N Texas

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Ziming Zhang obtained his bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering from Beihang University in China 2009. He began to pursue his doctorate at New Mexico Tech in 2009 and worked as research assistant under Dr.Song Fu's supervision. In 2010, he transferred to the University of North Texas to continue his education. His research interest is primarily in power management and system dependability in virtualized cloud computing environment.

At the USRC, Zhang is working on power-aware task scheduling and placement techniques in HPC system.

Philip Soltero,

Graduate Computer Science Dept, University of New Mexico
Philip is an ex-game developer turned computer science student. In Spring 2005 he was accepted into the computer science department at the University of New Mexico and in Summer 2005, he joined the UNM CS department's Scalable Systems Lab. He graduated with his BS in CS in Spring 2011 and joined the USCR in Summer 2011. His research interests span the realms of virtualization and supercomputing. On his free time he does autocross on his FC RX-7 - an older, Japanese sports car that is turning out to be a continuous project and a lesson in patience.

Philip worked on fault tolerant, scalable system services for ultra-scale computing.


Kshitij Mehta,

PhD Student Computer Science, University of Houston

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Kshitij is a high performance computing (HPC) researcher and programmer. He works on developing Parallel I/O interfaces for OpenMP and shared memory machines as part of his Phd. Additionally, he works on performance modeling of parallel I/O operations. His specialties are C, Posix Threads, OpenMP, Parallel I/O, MPI, and modeling.

At the USRC
 Kshitij worked on integrating HDF5 with PLFS, writing a plugin using HDF5's Virtual Object Layer (VOL) that uses LANL's PLFS.

Stevenson Jian,

PhD Student Electrical & Computer Engineering, U of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Stevenson is a PHD student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. His research interest has been on reducing the power and storage overhead of error resilient memories.

Stevenson was at USRC
 to study the reliability of different strengths of chipkill correct memories under different faulty DIMM replacement policies.

Santosh Mahapatra,

PhD Student, Computer Science, Florida State University

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I am a PhD candidate in the Computer Science department at Florida State University (FSU), Tallahassee, Florida, US. My areas of interest include general areas of Computer Networks, Interconnection Networks, Parallel Architectures, Storage Area Networks, Data Centers, High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters. His current area of research is routing and load-balancing in high performance computing (HPC) clusters and the Data Center networks.

Santosh worked with the USRC Systems group on Interconnection networks evaluating different topologies across various routing schemes to identify the best networking paradigms for the next generation super-computers.

Daniel Campello,

PhD Student Computing & Info Sciences, Florida International University

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Daniel is a Venezuelan student in the School of Computing and Information Sciences of Florida International University. He has been there since August 2010 to pursue his PhD degree and has been working on research projects in Operating Systems, specifically in Storage Systems. He also works as a Research Assistant in the Computing Department. His undergraduate degree is in Computer Engineering, and he obtained it in the Universidad Simon Bolivar located in Caracas - Venezuela, where he also worked as a System Administrator of the entire CS network. Daniel is currently working on the project "SoftPM: Software Persistent Memory", inspired by converting memory structures in persistent structures living in different types of storage media, all of this in a manner transparent to the developer. 

Daniel's work at USRC was to extend the SoftPM work for parallel computing and to examine the research challenges therein.

Michael Albrecht,

PhD Student, University of Notre Dame

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Michael Albrecht is a Ph.D. student at the University of Notre Dame and part of the ND Cooperative Computing Lab. His primary research area is in distributed systems, with a focus on distributed storage, data-aware computing, and active storage.

Michael developed and tested the feasibility of a hierarchical data and workflow manager for exascale supercomputing to deal with both data-intensive computing as well as simulation checkpointing and restart.

Ke Wang,

PhD Student Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technolodgy

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I am now a second-year Ph.D candidate of the Department of Computer Sciecne (CS) at Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT). I am a member of the Data-Intensive Distributed Systems Laboratory (DataSys) at IIT, and working with Professor Ioan Raicu. My research work and interests are in the general area of distributed systems.

At USRC I am working on simulations to build general framework for distributed system services, such as key-value store, job launch, job scheduling, and distributed file system, with up to exascales (millions of nodes). Our simulator supports different architectures, centralized server, centralized server with multiple aggregation servers, distributed servers with fully connected topology, and distributed servers with chord protocol. Also, we implemented different models, churn model, replication model, replication model and consistency model. Our goal is to understand with all these models, to a certain, which architecture makes sense for system services.

Jun He,

PhD Student Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technolodgy

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I am a Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology. I received my B.E. and M.S. from Hunan University, China. Currently, my research interests are parallel file systems, I/O analysis and optimization. My homepage is

For my work at USRC, I am working on developing and evaluating algorithms by which patterns in the PLFS (Parallel Log-structured File System) metadata can be discovered and then used to replace the current metadata, in order to reduce metadata size

Hakan Akkan,

PhD Student Computer Science, New Mexico Tech

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I received my B.E. in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. I then received a M.S. in Computer Science from New Mexico Tech where I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in the same program. My earlier research was focused on web technologies and cloud computing specialized in access control in those environments.

At the USRC, I am investigating OS and system software scalability for exascale computing.

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