Seismic Research

Seismic sensor research includes:

Critical Stress

Jamaludin Mohd-Yusof, LANL Staff Scientist, NMC Affiliate

This project is looking at the application of sparse coding methods to extract relevant signals from seismic signals. This work includes using Petavision and other suitable machine learning software to develop a methodology to extract relevant signals from seismic sensors and to use that data to provide information about the location of the generators of those signals. 

High Resolution Seismic Imaging


Los Alamos National Laboratory has a number of projects on monitoring for geologic carbon storage and utilization and on geothermal energy exploration and reservoir monitoring. High-resolution seismic imaging is an essential part of these projects. In this project, scientists are working on analyzing multi-channel seismic data and perform high-resolution seismic imaging and inversion for subsurface characterization, reservoir monitoring and Earth's resources exploration.

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