Sayre Team Active Research Programs

The following research projects are active research projects with Dr. Richard Sayre. These may be Los Alamos National Laboratory projects or industry projects with a private company that take place within the NMC Biological Laboratory and Greenhouse. 

Breeding Algae for Enhanced Productivity 

DOE, AOP-LANL (2016-present)  

Development of pH-responsive Protein Switches to Regulate Energy Capture and Conversion Processes in Photosynthesis 

DOE, ER, (2015-2018)

PACE, Producing Algae for Energy and Co-products 

DOEE-BETO TABB Program (2017-19)

Improved Photosynthetic Efficiency in C3 Plants

BASF Agricultural Solutions Seed US LLC (2016-2018) 
Pebble Labs

Dr. Richard Sayre is also the Chief Scientific Officer of Pebble Labs, a biotechnology conglomerate located in Los Alamos, NN. Pebble Labs currently has a portfolio of three companies which conduct their work at the NMC Biological Laboratory and Greenhouse: 

  • Little Fly Labs which works on a patent-pending mosquito treatment to block diseases such as Zika, Dengue, Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus.
  • Iron Leaf Biosciences which focuses on plant protection by using bacteria to silence fungal and viral pathogens.
  • Imugenics which provides solutions to the animal health industry.

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