Instrumentation and Diagnostics

This research develops bio-analytical technologies that facilitate rapid, specific, and sensitive identification of biological samples and processes for medical and health security applications. Our signature capabilites in this area include advanced imaging, flow cytometry, “lab on a chip” and rapid screening technologies.  Our core 'omics capabilities allows us to rapidly identify biological signatures (genes, proteins, metabolites) for the development (synthesis) of diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Computation and Modeling

Computation and modeling simulates the behavior of key molecules and chemical reactions to predict drug interactions and behavior, understand cell metabolism and gene expression and many other applications.

Systems Biology

The NMC partners with LANL and the New Mexico Center for SpatioTemporal Modeling at UNM on research initiatives in systems biology.  Systems Biology integrates computation and modeling with experimentation to understand and predict cell function. Systems Biology researchers investigate a broad range of problems from the principles of cellular information processing to what causes cells to become cancerous. 


The NMC partners with LANL and UNM on research initiatives in the development and application of nanomaterials for improved human health. NMC engages in research on bio-inspired and bio-mimetic materials and bio-specific sensors. This research has applications in diagnostics, drug discovery and health care.



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The UNM Center for Biomedical Engineering (CBME) coordinates the research of engineers, scientists, clinicians and students with the goal of improving health and stimulating the NM economy. CBME also conducts biomedical research and helps prepare students for successful biomedical engineering careers. 

One NMC/CBME partnership investigates food borne pathogens. Shiga toxin-producing E. coli (STEC) are a serious threat to public health and our food supply. This research program looks identifying and controlling STEC within the beef chain and substantially mitigate the risk of STEC infections through innovative research and education.

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