Web Data Analysis

Web Data Analysis

Web data analysis at the NMC includes the following research:

Towards a Web-Centric Approach for Capturing the Scholarly Record

Martin Klein, LANL Staff Scientist and NMC Affiliate
Michael Nelson, Old Dominion University
Michael Wiegel, Old Dominion University
Harihar Shankar, LANL Staff Scientist and NMC Affiliate
Shawn Jones, Graduate Student, LANL, NMC Affiliate

Research communication has transitioned over time from a paper-based endeavor to a web-based digital enterprise, and now has started to evolve from being a largely hidden activity to being plainly visible on the global network. These transitions come with significant social, economical, legal, and technical challenges and even raise the question of what exactly the scholarly record is when all scholarship and scholarly communication is conducted on the global network. Irrespective of what the scholarly community will eventually decide regarding the delineation of the scholarly record on the web, an essential requirement will be to archive it. The goal of this research is to extend current web archiving activities so they are better suited for archiving the full range of scholarly materials. This project will also investigate methods for measuring and conveying archival quality as well as verifiability.

This research is a joint project between Old Dominion University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the New Mexico Consortium.