Career Opportunities

Applicants may use the NMC online job application form for employment to apply for all positions, or mail or deliver resumes to NMC’s administrative offices at: Attn: Human Resources, 999 Central Ave., Los Alamos, NM 87544. Paper and online applications will be given the same consideration. If you have questions or require additional information, contact HR at 505-412-4198. Read below for open Technical and Research Positions, Administrative Positions and Service Positions. The New Mexico Consortium is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Post Doc Quantum Computing

The New Mexico Consortium, a non-profit scientific  research company, is seeking a post doc for a  two-year postdoctoral appointment in the field of quantum information. This is a collaborative project between The New Mexico Consortium, Los Alamos National Laboratory and Marquette University (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). During the first year of the project this postdoc will work under the supervision of Dr. Brian Kendrick at Los Alamos conducting research in the field of quantum dynamics, to explore the benefits of quantum computing for the modeling of quantum effects of molecular motion. The second year of the project will take place at Marquette University where this postdoc will continue the research under supervision of Prof. Babikov and will also participate in the development and delivery of an introductory-level course in quantum computing. This position is a perfect fit for someone interested in a future academic carrier in the field of quantum information.

The work will include the development and applications of quantum algorithms and computer codes for the description of molecular dynamics, molecular collisions, and chemical reactions, and will be carried out using classical and quantum computing platforms. Representative publications of the team are:

1) I. Gaidai, D. Babikov, A. Teplukhin, B. K. Kendrick, S. M. Mniszewski, Y. Zhang, S. Tretiak, P. A. Dub,“Molecular dynamics on quantum annealers” Sci. Reports 12, p. 16824 (2022).

2) A. Teplukhin, B. Kendrick and D. Babikov, “Calculation of molecular vibrational spectra on a quantum annealer”J. Chem. Theory Comput. 15, 4555-4563, (2019).

3) D. Shyshlov and D. Babikov, “Complexity and simplicity of OCT pulses shaped for controlling vibrational qubits”, J. Chem. Phys. 137, 194318 (2012).

4) D. Babikov, “Accuracy of gates in a quantum computer based on vibrational eigenstates”, J. Chem. Phys. 121, pp. 7577-7585 (2004).

A suitable candidate will have a solid background in quantum dynamics simulations, strong programming skills, and relevant experience in high-performance computing. Previous experience in quantum information would be a significant plus.

NMC provides a comprehensive package of benefits including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, a retirement plan, and much more.

Contact information:  bkendric@lanl.gov ; dmitri.babikov@marquette.edu

Starting pay rate will range will depend on the demonstrated skills, abilities, and experience.

The position is open until filled. For best consideration, apply by 5pm June 30, 2024.

Apply online or by mail to NMC, 4200 W. Jemez Road, #301, Los Alamos, NM 87544.

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Research Administrator

New Mexico Consortium (NMC),  a non-profit scientific  research company, is seeking a  Research Administrator (RA) to manage its sponsored projects. RA can be a rewarding and engaging career. While RAs do not conduct the actual research, they play a vital role in facilitating the amazing research conducted at NMC.

The RA will  assist NMC researchers with the preparation and submission of proposals and managing research grants and contracts. RA will provide help with the day-to-day administration of research funds through monitoring expenditures and ensuring compliance with NMC and sponsor requirements. RA will work closely with NMC the researchers and administrative offices to ensure the proper completion of research projects.

The best candidate will have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, excellent communication skills,  experience in research administration/grant management, experience in budget development and administration, ability to analyse and ensure compliance with agreement terms and conditions, experience of working in academic or research environment; knowledge of laws, principles, rules, and policies relating to federal grants and contracts.  Ability to multitask and prioritize projects in a fast-paced environment, particularly working with significant deadline pressure, is a must.

Starting pay rate will range between $60,000 and 80,000/year depending on the demonstrated skills, abilities, and experience.

The position is open until filled. For best consideration, apply by 5pm June 14, 2024. Apply online or by mail to NMC, 4200 W. Jemez Road, #301, Los Alamos, NM 87544.

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Director of Research Administration (DRA)

New Mexico Consortium (NMC),  a non-profit scientific  research company, is seeking a full-time or part-time Director of Research Administration (DRA) to manage its Office of Research Administration.  DRA has the overall responsibility for providing strong leadership and a strategic vision for the NMC research administration team. This person will create a service-oriented culture that promotes excellence, integrity, stewardship, teamwork and continuous improvement through the use of effective change management. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is essential, as well as leading the adoption of best practices to promote continuous improvement ensuring that the highest quality standards are met. The Director has the overall accountability for  management of externally funded sponsored projects from federal, state and private sources.  This position coordinates with the Finance Office on all internal and external financial audits and reporting.


  • Advanced degree in accounting, finance, business administration or a related field and a minimum of 10 years of directly-related, progressively responsible professional-level research administration management experience; or an equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience from which comparable knowledge, skills and abilities have been attained
  • Minimum of 3 years personnel management experience
  • Demonstrated thorough understanding of and experience with the entire contract and grant life cycles (acquisition planning, pre-award and post-award)
  • In-depth knowledge of and demonstrated experience working in contracts subject Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), the Department of Defense supplement to FAR (DFARS), the National Institute of Health (and other similar organizations) granting rules and guidelines, other governmental departments/agencies implementing FAR, and the ability to reference, interpret and implement Federal regulations related to Federal grants, contracts and other funding vehicles
  • Outstanding negotiating skills and a demonstrated ability navigating the complex Federal funding environment
  • Experience in researching, interpreting and resolving funding, contract and grant issues, the ability to draft, review and approve moderate-to-complex non-routine contractual instruments, and demonstrated knowledge of contracting concepts, applicable public acquisition laws and associated regulations
  • Experience effectively leading a team in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment and the ability to prioritize departmental functions and responsibilities to meet deadlines and goals
  • Professional-level written and verbal communication skills; a high degree of professionalism, diplomacy and discretion; excellent judgment, problem-solving and decision-making skills; and strong customer-service skills
  • Demonstrated ability in managing a wide variety of complex tasks and projects simultaneously while meeting multiple deadlines is required

Relocation may be offered for this position.  Salary is commensurate with experience.

The position is open until filled. For best consideration, apply by 5pm July 1, 2024. Apply online or by mail to NMC, 4200 W. Jemez Road, #301, Los Alamos, NM 87544.

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System Administrators (Computer Science Professional 2/3)

The New Mexico Consortium (NMC), a non-profit NM corporation, is seeking candidates for (2) full-time System Administrators (Computer Science Professional 2 / 3). NMC provides a comprehensive package of benefits including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, a retirement plan, and much more.

Location: Los Alamos, NM.

Responsibilities include: Supporting the information technology systems and infrastructure of NMC. Includes user support and providing software and runtime environments, system integration, administration, configuration management, of research and high-performance computing (HPC) systems and supporting infrastructure such as networking, storage, cooling, and security, in support of NMC’s computing capability. This includes a range of deployments from desktop, local cluster, to cloud computing with a diverse and distributed user community.

Essential Functions:

  • Advanced Linux Administration Expertise:  Demonstrated knowledge of building and administering production Linux computer systems, including strong command line Linux operating system skills, working knowledge of or experience with hardware and software security practices, and experience scripting in Bash, Perl, Python, or similar languages.
  • Configuration Management Expertise: Demonstrated experience with configuration and automation tools and practices, such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Salt, or similar tools.
  • System Services: Experience with services like DHCP, DNS, LDAP, and Kerberos.
  • System Environment: Knowledge and experience with system resource scheduling and orchestration utilizing tools such as slurm, Kubernetes or other, and use of containers.
  • Software / Programming Environment: Demonstrated experience with software and programming environment installation and support to provide a robust system environment for users.
  • Cross-Platform, Cloud, and Desktop Management Administration: Knowledge and ability to support Windows and Mac OS systems, ensuring their functionality and security.
  • Cybersecurity and Compliance: Ability to deploy and enforce security policies, conduct regular security assessments, and respond to incidents. Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Keep up to date with cybersecurity trends and apply best practices.
  • Troubleshooting and Technical Analysis Acumen: Significant knowledge and demonstrated experience investigating issues, forming alternative solutions, and recommending solutions to technical problems.
  • Computer Networking Expertise:  Working knowledge of networking concepts and practices.
  • Communication and Teaming Skills: Demonstrated ability to communicate technical information to both technical and non-technical personnel, to provide assistance and knowledge
    to peers, to collaborate, and to formulate and communicate technical results and findings to
    technical audiences and readerships.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
For the CSP 2 position:

  • As noted above.

In addition to the requirements outlined above, qualification at the CSP 3 level requires:

  • Proven ability to work independently and in a team environment to analyze problems, propose solutions to management, and deploy and document implemented solutions.
  • Demonstrated experience building, configuring, and administering HPC clusters.
  • Experience with hardware and software security infrastructure design and deployment.
  • Strong understanding/experience of containers, resource scheduling, and orchestration systems on Linux systems.
  • Strong understanding/experience of cloud computing utilization.
  • Strong understanding/experience of network infrastructures to support HPC needs.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and communicate technical strategy, accomplishments, and challenges to management team, as well as cross-organizationally.

Requirements: Master’s, bachelor’s degree or experience in computer science, related technical areas.

The annual salary range will be based on the track. CSP 2 ($81,700 – $133,100), CSP 3 ($109,200 – $174,100)

The position is open until filled. Apply by filling out our online application form  or by mail to NMC, 4200 W. Jemez Road, #301, Los Alamos, NM 87544.

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