Local Student, Charles Strauss, Works on Neural Network Research

The NMC supports and encourages scientists to offer opportunities to students interested in gaining research experience. Over the years we have had many students researchers in such topics as high performance computing, general greenhouse work, administrative tasks, and plant biology research. Students are paired up with NMC staff or researchers who need an extra hand,

USRC’s Sean Blanchard Presents at Multicore World 2019

Sean Blanchard, a Linux and HPC expert at the Ultrascale Systems Research Center  (USRC) at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) presented at Multicore World 2019 on Tuesday February 12, 2019. Multicore World, which is in its 8th consecutive edition, is a gathering of experts and leaders from all over the globe to attend and contribute

Database of Aurora Data Available for Weather Research

Congratulations to Elizabeth MacDonald and Matt Heavner for their most recent Aurorasaurus publication in AGU100 Earth and Space Science titled “Aurorasaurus Database of Real-Time, Crowd-Sourced Aurora Data for Space Weather Research“. This technical report documents the details of Aurorasaurus citizen collected science data for the period spanning 2015 and 2016. Aurorasaurus citizen science data is a collection of real

Rex Hjelm Publishes in AIP Review of Scientific Instruments

Rex Hjelm, a New Mexico Consortium Biolab Researcher publishes his work on Flow-through compression cell for small-angle and ultra-small-angle neutron scattering measurements. This research aims to understand measurements of geological materials taken in the field that are under compression with hydrostatic fluid pressure. Understanding the behavior of these materials provides critical information for application-driven research.

Corcoran Presents at Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference

Dr. Alina Corcoran, NMC Researcher and LANL Guest Scientist, presented at the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference (ABLC) Global 2018 last week. This conference was held November 6-9, 2018 in San Francisco, CA. The ABLC Global is a connected series of 17 conferences and forums on the most important issues in the bioeconomy right now. Corcoran’s presentation was on Transforming Challenges

NASA Grant Awarded to Michael Denton

Michael Denton, an NMC researcher, and Lauren Blum, a scientist with NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, have been awarded a NASA grant to study plasma structure and composition as a driver of wave growth in the inner magnetosphere. Why is this important in space science research? Electromagnetic (EM ) waves accelerate electron particles to high

Research to Convert Algae to Affordable Fuel

Molecular biologist Amanda Barry and a team at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Bio-energy and Biome Sciences group are conducting research on a specific strain of algae in order to determine if it can be produced quickly and at low cost. If so, this algae hold potential to be a source of renewable fuel that can

Phytochrome and Phytohormones: Working in Tandem for Plant Growth and Development

New Mexico Consortium Biolab researchers, Panagiotis Lymperopoulos, Joseph Msanne and Roel Rabara, have recently published their work “Phytochrome and Phytohormones: Working in Tandem for Plant Growth and Development” in the July 2018 issues of Frontiers in Plant Science, section Plant Physiology. This publication is a review that presents a representative regulatory model, highlights the successes

Algae’s Potential as BioFuel

Amanda Barry, a Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist and affiliate of the New Mexico Consortium, published her work on algae using raw plants as a carbon energy source. This research has shown that the microalgae, Auxenochlorella protothecoides, is capable of directly degrading and using non-food plant substrates for improved cell growth and lipid production. This

Debardeleben and Blanchard’s Work Featured in WIRED Magazine

Scientists have learned that cosmic ray neutrons coming from space slam in to the processors of supercomputers and cause them to have memory errors or even to crash. This has been a problem since Seymour Cray built a supercomputer and gave it to Los Alamos National Laboratory for a 6 month trial in the 1970s.

Wataru Nishima Co-author’s Study using Computer Modeling to Gain Insight on How to Fight Ebola and Zika Viruses

Wataru Nishima of the New Mexico Consortium has co-authored a recent publication showing a computational approach to provide insight into the structure of both Ebola and Zika viruses as they invade a host’s cells. Both the Ebola and Zika viruses are similar in how they first infiltrate a host’s cells. They use a surface protein

Sayre’s Cassava Vitamin A Field Trial Featured on Cover Page of Plant Biotechnology Journal

New Mexico Consortium Biolab Researcher Richard Sayre, founder of start-up company Pebble Labs Inc., recently published his work titled Provitamin A biofortification of cassava enhances shelf life but reduces dry matter content of storage roots due to altered carbon partitioning into starch. This research is also featured on the cover page of the Plant Biotechnology

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