Collaboration Funding Request

Collaboration Funding Request

New Mexico Consortium Collaboration Funding


The NMC supports our partner universities by offering Collaboration Funding to bolster science research projects and collaborations. These funds are primarily meant for developing collaborative research or education programs with LANL and other institutions within the partnership, or for travel that enhances research and collaborations. Read below for instructions and who is eligible for a Collaboration Funding from the NMC.

Eligibility and Purpose

Faculty, postdocs, students, and other research staff from NMC partner universities (NMSU, NMT and UNM) are eligible to apply for funding.

Covered Costs

NMC funding may be used for research costs related to a collaborative research project.  Examples (not all inclusive) of allowed items include time & effort (salary) support, materials & supplies, equipment, contracted services.

NMC funding may also be used for travel-related costs, including things such as mileage, rental car and gas, public transportation, lodging, conference registration fees. Travel costs are reimbursed in accordance with federal government policies; receipts are required for all expenses except for mileage: see NMC Travel Guidelines for details.

Make a Funding Request

Funding requests may be submitted using the NMC Collaboration Funding Request Form. There are no deadlines. Requests are reviewed as received.

Reporting & Funding Acknowledgement

A brief report on the outcomes of funded activities is required upon completion.  Anyone who receives funds must acknowledge NMC support in research articles, posters, slides, etc. Suggested acknowledgement statement: This work was supported by Collaboration Funding from the New Mexico Consortium.

Examples of Funded Projects

Read about examples of projects recently funded by the NMC. We strive to support scientific collaborations within the state of New Mexico.