Working with the NMC (for LANL Staff)

Working with the NMC (for LANL Staff)


Working with the NMC (for LANL Staff)


NMC is an independent non-profit corporation formed by three NM universities in order to facilitate research in the state of New Mexico, and specifically to increase research collaborations between universities, industry and LANL. NMC is governed by a Board of Directors which includes members from LANL.

NMC is not part of LANL; instead, NMC and LANL share an institutional agreement (IA).

LANL Staff Participation in NMC

LANL staff may submit grant proposals and otherwise participate in NMC programs as affiliated researchers through two major tracks authorized by the IA, Outside Activities and Joint Appointments.

Additional interactions for LANL staff with NMC may include collaborative projects utilizing subcontracts with NMC and academic partners, CRADAs and similar agreements.

The NMC and LANL National Security Education Center (NSEC) jointly manage LANL staff participation in the NMC.  NMC and NSEC have established policies for NMC participation specific to LANL researchers. The points of contact for the NMC and NSEC are provided below.

Initiating a Grant Proposal or Other Activity at NMC

1. LANL staff require initial approval from both NSEC and NMC to pursue proposal submission, including pre-proposals and concept papers, or other activities with the NMC. These approvals should be pursued simultaneously.

  • To request approval from NSEC, contact the NSEC/University Collaborations Office. NSEC will advise you on which track to pursue:
    • Outside Activity (OA): NSEC will ask you to provide information about your proposed work.  After approval of the initial forms by NSEC, other documentation is required prior to participation noted below. Later on, after an award is granted, a LANL employee submits an Outside Activity Request,  which must be approved by LANL’s Conflict of Interest (COI) Committee. Review includes COI and percentage of LANL employee time committed to work at NMC.  With LANL management approval, staff may work over 100% FTE across both institutions but under no circumstance work at NMC may exceed 50% FTE per LANL fiscal year. Individuals working on OA are employed by NMC for their participation in NMC activities. They get a separate paycheck for their time and effort at NMC.
    • Joint Appointment (JA): NSEC will provide direction and forms to establish a JA to pursue an academic opportunity. JAs are established for 5 years and allow LANL staff to work on their NMC project(s) as LANL employees.
    • Subcontracts with NMC or academic partners for additional collaborative projects. NSEC will determine if proposed subcontracting is feasible and provide guidance on how to proceed.

2. Once the project or activity has initial NMC and NSEC approvals, the LANL researcher pursues LANL management approval through

    • Outside Activity Approval Process or
    • Project Task Statement for established Joint Appointments.
    • LANL PO and/or other paperwork will be required for subcontracting.

LANL researchers should allow sufficient time to porcess the outside activity request ad additional time to obtain LANL management approvals. Most activities that have received initial NSEC/NMC approval get LANL management approval; however, not all activities are approved.

NSEC notifies NMC when LANL management approval has been obtained:  NMC will not submit a proposal or launch an activity in the NMC until NSEC notifies NMC that LANL management approval has been obtained.

For both OA and JA grant proposals, researchers should start working with the NMC Office of Research Administration on proposal preparation while NSEC pursues LANL management approval.  Budget preparation for JAs requires LANL researchers to work with their LANL budget analyst as well.  Researchers should allow at least 2 weeks for proposal preparation at NMC between Proposal Application Form submission and proposal submission, though a month is preferred.

When planning a research program at NMC, please consider engaging with our partner universities on your research programs. You can start the discussions by contacting your NMC Research Administrator or John Engen, CEO, at (505) 709-5077 or Irina Izvekova, COO, at (505) 920-1899. You may also contact us if you have questions about NMC’s terms of employment or capabilities.

LANL Staff should check the internal website for more detailed information (NSEC/University Collaborations Office)

3. Once your proposed activity has been approved by LANL management, contact your NMC Research Administrator to discuss the details of your participation.

NMC Contacts

Irina Izvekova, COO, 505-920-1899

NMC Office of Research Administration:

LANL-funded contracts: Alicia Smith, 505-257-3686

External grants: Nora Arbuckle, 505-257-3685

Grant proposals: Sylvia Johnson, 505.500-4213

LANL Contacts

University Collaborations Office at NSEC:

Heather Erpenbeck (Office Lead): 505-665-9020

Jeff Pietryga (Program Manager): 505-667-2484

RuthAnn Neal (Financial Office): 505-231-4247, Email

Keith Collins (Joint Appointments): 505-695-5242, Email

Gwen Orona (Outside Activity): 505-695-8848, Email

David L. Clark (Institutes Director): 505-665-0983, Email

Robin Garrett (Administrative Assistant): 505-665-0983, Email