Aurorasaurus Attends AGU

Aurorasaurus Attends AGU

Aurorasaurus Attends AGU

Aurorasaurus team members attended this year’s American Geophysical Union conference held December 11-15 in San Francisco. Each year AGU convenes over 25,000 attendees from over 100 countries to share research and better understand our planet and environment.

Aurorasaurus attends AGU meeting
Dr. Liz MacDonald and Dr. Francesca Di Mare with their AGU poster

This year from Aurorasaurus, Dr. Liz MacDonald, Dr. Matt Heavner, and Dr. Francesca Di Mare as well as several Aurorasaurus Ambassadors attended.  Dr.  Di Mare and Dr.  MacDonald presented their poster titled “What does the STEVE phenomenon reveal about the role of turbulence in Magnetosphere-Ionosphere interactions”.

Aurorasaurus was pleased to end the week with a powerful interdisciplinary Union session about Open Science which brought a lot of new connections together.

At this session, Associate Administrator for the NASA Science Mission Directorate Dr. Nicky Fox spoke about NASA’s new Open Science 101 curriculum, Heliophysics Big Year, and Astromaterials 3D archive.

They also also heard from an extraordinary community volunteer from the San Francisco Bay area, Damon Tighe from the iNaturalist project, whose passion was inspiring.

Erin Robinson of Metadata Game Changers spoke about examples of “Metadata Game Changers” and applying FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) principles to physical collections.

And last,  Dr. Rolf Hut, who started the original MacGyver session in Hydrology, spoke about the distinction between open science inside the scientific community and across the broader world, where much more needs to be done to bring people to the table.

Dr. MacDonald says, “Many thanks to our conveners, speakers, and MacGyver poster presenters!”