Free Antibody Seminars by Andrew Bradbury

Free Antibody Seminars by Andrew Bradbury

Free Antibody Seminars by Andrew Bradbury 

Andrew Bradbury has been giving an annual free antibody seminars for a number of years. This  course is an “Introduction to antibody engineering”. The eight videos, totaling ~6 hours, cover the following subjects

This extensive set of seminars on antibodies were last be presented at the January 2023 PepTalk, a Cambridge Innovation Institute conference.

If you’re interested in an in depth look at all aspects of antibodies, you may be interested in checking it out. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction, market, antibody basics, structure, genetics, and the generation of diversity (46m)
  • Antibody humanization (28m)
  • Making antibody libraries (66m)
  • Phage display (33m)
  • Yeast, mammalian, bacterial and in vitro display (28m)
  • Next generation sequencing in antibody discovery (33m)
  • Antibody affinity maturation and developability optimization (33m)
  • Antibody characterization and developability (46m)

Bradbury, joined by James Marks, and will be giving the antibody seminars again in January 2024

The videos are freely accessible on at:

Andrew Bradbury is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Specifica. Antibody Libraries are the sources from which therapeutic antibodies can be generated using phage or yeast display. Specifica’s Generation 3 platform generates drug like antibodies, with broad diversity, high affinities and few biophysical liabilities, directly from naïve libraries. In addition to in-house designs, Specifica also collaborates closely with partners to create custom libraries in which essential elements are optimized according to partner needs.

Specifica is supported by the New Mexico Consortium.