Grant Proposals

Sylvia Johnson
Research Administrator

External Funding

External research funding can be obtained from a variety of sources, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, universities, and corporations.

Research grant proposals on behalf of NMC must be submitted by an NMC Research Administrator.  Allow two to four weeks for proposal preparation and internal approvals. The final version of all proposal documents must be submitted to NMC at least 72 hours prior to the external funding submission deadline.  No changes to submission documents are permitted past the NMC deadline.

To initiate proposal preparation, contact the NMC Research Administrator (RA) to discuss your submission plans, timeline, eligibility, etc., and submit the Proposal Application Form.

LANL Employees

A written LANL approval  is required for all LANL employees. To start the pre-submission approval process at LANL, contact Keith Collins at (505) 665-9671 and Gwen Orona (505) 695-8848. More information can be found here:

US Public Health Services (PHS) Agencies

PHS FCOI Form is required prior to submission for each participant. Submit your form to NMC Research Administration.

NMC COI Policy

Small NMC Grants for Partner Universities

NMC Collaboration Grants are available to faculty and students from NMC partner universities (NMSU, NMT and UNM) for the development of new collaborative research and education programs to build collaborations with LANL and other institutions within the partnership.

Information on Collaboration Grants 

To learn more contact the NMC Research Administration Office