New Mexico Consortium Supports Supercomputing Institute Summer Program

New Mexico Consortium Supports Supercomputing Institute Summer Program

New Mexico Consortium Supports Supercomputer Institute Summer Program

Each summer the New Mexico Consortium provides a workspace for the Supercomputing Institute of Los Alamos National Laboratory.  This technical summer program offers students hands-on experience building and operating state-of-the-art and next-generation compute clusters, high-speed networks, extreme-scale filesystems, containers, security, and more.

The Supercomputer Institute is a paid, 11-week summer program. This hands-on technical internship is for students of all majors interested in the growing field of high-performance computing (HPC). Students in this program gain an introduction to the techniques and practices of HPC, and no HPC experience is required!

The program begins with two weeks of “boot camp”. Small teams of interns build, configure, test, and operate an HPC compute cluster starting from scratch, turning a rack of equipment, cables, and electricity into a working mini-supercomputer that can run real HPC applications.

Next, the project phase begins. Teams of interns work under the guidance of HPC Division staff mentors on applied research and development projects that address real challenges currently faced by the division. Some projects use the mini-supercomputers built during boot camp, and others use existing LANL resources. These projects regularly influence the division as well as the field of high-performance computing.

Finally, teams present their accomplishments as a poster and technical talk to LANL management, staff, and fellow interns in an end-of-summer celebration of intern work.

Some past projects from 2023 include:

To see all past projects see:

To learn more about the technical portion of the program and what kinds of professional development the students will work on see:

Who is eligible? 

Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates, who have computer science, computer engineering, information technology, or related experience are eligible. However, all majors are eligible. The program is more concerned with your potential and not what experience you currently hold.

The program is targeted to rising juniors or seniors, master’s students, and recent graduates with a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. Very highly qualified rising sophomores have been successful in the past, as well as occasional master’s graduates and Ph.D. students who can make a good case that they need hands-on practical training, rather than a research internship.

To learn more about how to apply see:

The New Mexico Consortium is proud to hire and provide a working space to the Supercomputing Institute students each summer. This program is a great way for students to gain experience, be a part of an amazing community, network with others at LANL and hopefully jumpstart a career in computer science.