New Mexico Consortium Brings “Your State of Science” Event Series to Los Alamos!

New Mexico Consortium Brings “Your State of Science” Event Series to Los Alamos!

New Mexico Consortium Brings “Your State of Science” Event Series to Los Alamos!

The Your State of Science event series, by the New Mexico Consortium, brings New Mexico experts to Los Alamos to discuss exciting research happening in New Mexico. The first round is being launched with this year’s Los Alamos ScienceFest held during July 2024. A range of exciting topics will educate attendees about their State of Science. We invite the community to join us at these events and learn about what cool things are taking place in our state!

Mark your calendars now and plan to attend. This July the schedule is as follows:

July 13: Robot Outreach Program
Professor Curtis O’Malley, Mechanical Engineering, New Mexico Tech and his NMT Students
The New Mexico Tech Robotic STEM Outreach Program‘s mission is to promote interest in STEM education at all levels of education and skills development through the challenging and thrilling robotics projects and competitions. For ScienceFest Discovery Day, which runs from 9:00-2:00 on Saturday, July 13, Professor O’Malley and team will bring their k-12 program “Mining Mayhem Robotics Outreach”. This will include robot combat bots and a working replica of a Mars Rover for the public to experience.

July 13: Chile Peppers in New Mexico
Danise Coon, Research Specialist at the New Mexico Chile Pepper Institute and the NMSU Extension Vegetable Program
This July 13th Discovery Day, the Chile Pepper Institute will feature research and education related to Capsicum and chile peppers. Established in 1992, The Chile Pepper Institute, in Las cruces, NM, builds on the research of chile peppers since the famous horticulturist Fabian Garcia (the father of the New Mexico chile pepper industry) began standardizing chile pepper varieties in 1888.

July 12 and 13: STEMarts Lab
Agnes Chavez, Founder and Director of STEMarts and UNM Students
STEMarts Lab is a nonprofit sci-arts organization located in Taos, New Mexico, dedicated to empowering youth through the fusion of art, science, and technology. They will bring a team of STEMarts Youth Ambassadors to Los Alamos to guide participants at multiple interactive stations with VR and AR experiences. Point your devices to the sky to discover space art objects around Ashley pond as part of an augmented reality sky hunt. Visit their live painting in 3D virtual reality station at SALA event center. STEMArts Lab will be engaging the public July 12th at Ashley pond starting late Friday afternoon through the Friday Night Concert, and  again July 13th at Discovery Day and Discovery After Dark. Learn more at:

July 15: Very Large Array Radio Telescope
Professor Patricia Henning, Associate Director for New Mexico Operations, National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO).
This event is brought to you in partnership with Zia Credit Union.
There will be a public lecture and Q&A by Dr. Henning on the Very Large Array Radio Telescope, held at 6:00pm at the SALA Los Alamos Event Center. Henning is the lead of operations of the National Science Foundation’s Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA), the continent-wide Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA), and the Domenici Science Operations Center in Socorro. The first 75 people attending the lecture will receive a coupon for free admission to visit the telescope in person in Socorro. Directly after the lecture, at 7:00pm, the SALA Los Alamos Event Center will be showing the film Contact, which features the telescope. Reserve movie tickets at:

July 18 & 19: Geology of Northern New Mexico
Professor Nelia Dunbar, State Geologist, New Mexico Bureau of Geology, New Mexico Tech
This event is brought to you in partnership with Century Bank.
Professor Dunbar will give a public lecture on the geology of Northern New Mexico at 6:00pm at SALA Los Alamos Event Center. Those who attend the lecture may sign up for a hands on guided field trip the following day [Friday July 19, breakfast will be provided] led by Prof. Dunbar to explore the geology, ecology, and archeology of the Valles Caldera and the Jemez Mountains in person. After the lecture, at 7:00pm, the SALA Los Alamos Event Center will be showing the film Dante’s Peak. Reserve movie tickets at:

The Your State of Science events in July 2024 are realized by NMC in partnership with ScienceFest (Powered by Los Alamos Mainstreet & Creative District, a component of LACDC), with generous support from Century Bank, Zia Credit Union, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and SALA Los Alamos Event Center.

More details on the program are available at the New Mexico Consortium Discovery Day booth (July 13) at ScienceFest.  Or, to learn more and see a calendar of July 2024 events, visit the event website at:, or scan the QR code.  Watch for future events planned for the Fall of 2024 and Spring of 2025.