Pebble Labs’ Technology Selected to Top 2.5% in Global Competition

Pebble Labs’ Technology Selected to Top 2.5% in Global Competition

Pebble Labs, a Los Alamos biotechnology company developing solutions to safely and sustainably increase natural crop yield and food security, has recently had their Directed Biotics technology selected as one of the top 100 submissions (top 2.5%) of more than 4500 entries for the FAMAE Foundation’s Food for Good Challenge.

The FAMAE Foundation Competition received more than 4500 entries from across the globe.

Pebble Lab’s Directed Biotics technology has passed through the second round of the competition, and Pebble Labs is now in the top 100 companies (the top 2.5% of all the companies they have reviewed) of the competition. They are now a candidate for the top prize. The final round of selection occurs in September, 2020 and the winning entrant will receive a prize of $2 million Euros.

What is Directed Biotics technology? It is a proprietary platform technology that is a rapid response solution to emerging diseases in plant and animal food production. Directed Biotics eliminates pathogens using an RNAi “probiotic approach.” Natural biological molecules are used by the plant’s and animal’s innate immune system to fight disease. To learn more about Pebble Labs’ Directed Biotics technology see:

The mission of Pebble Labs is to develop breakthrough disruptive technologies that address the greatest agricultural, aquaculture, and environmental challenges facing the globe. The Directed Biotics technology was selected based upon an evaluation process made up of four pillars: innovation, environmental impact, feasibility and team.

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