Quantum Dots, UbiQD’s Core Technology, Validated with Nobel Prize

Quantum Dots, UbiQD’s Core Technology, Validated with Nobel Prize

Quantum Dots, UbiQD’s Core Technology, Validated with Nobel Prize

UbiQD, the New Mexico-based leader in quantum dot (QD) manufacturing and technology, is excited to share that the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded to nanotechnology pioneers Alexei Ekimov, Louis Brus, and Moungi Bawendi for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots.

Victor Klimov, Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow and QD innovator states that, “Many have contributed to the success of quantum dots. Alexey Ekimov pioneered the synthesis of the very first generation of QD samples – nanosized semiconductor crystals dispersed in glass matrices. Louis Brus worked independently on a different type of QDs – colloidal particles freely floating in liquid solutions. The groundbreaking works of these researchers date back to early 1980s. A new colloidal synthesis invented by Moungi Bawendi was reported in 1993.This innovation was very important because it made high-quality QDs readily available to a broad research community. Congratulations to my friends and collaborators for winning the Nobel Prize!”

UbiQD is exclusively licensing several patents co-authored by Professor Bawendi from M.I.T. and scaling up QD production to supply rapidly emerging markets primarily related to sustainability and energy efficiency. UbiQD CEO Hunter McDaniel states that, “ We are over the moon with the news this week, that the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been awarded for the development of quantum dots. The Nobel Prize is the ultimate milestone for any technology, and we are proud to be part of the story.”

Quantum dots are semiconductor nanoparticles that exhibit high efficiency photoluminescence over a wide range of tunable colors, making them effective at optimizing light spectra. UbiQD has launched several greenhouse products under its UbiGro® brand that adjust the spectrum of sunlight to enhance crop growth. More recently, the company began engineering these materials for applications in utility-scale solar with  with the aim of significantly increasing the efficiency of current photovoltaic technologies. The company is pursuing multiple commercial product applications with a growing list of strategic partners.

About UbiQD, Inc.
UbiQD (pronounced ‘ubiquity’) is the global leader in quantum dot manufacturing and technology. Founded in 2014, the company is powering product innovation in agriculture, clean energy, and security. Our quantum dots enable products that harness the power of color and light. Headquartered in Los Alamos, New Mexico, UbiQD is licensing technology developed at leading research institutions, including Los Alamos National Laboratory and M.I.T. The company was recently recognized as the ‘Best Overall Venture’ at the 2023 National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Industry Growth Forum (IGF) in Denver. To learn more, please visit https://ubiqd.comhttps://ubigro.com, and https://wendow.us.

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