Science Olympiad Volunteers Needed

Science Olympiad Volunteers Needed

We Need Volunteers! Central NM Science Olympiad Event Supervisors needed! Saturday, February 3, 2018. UNM ~ Johnson Center

We need volunteers for the following events:

Crime Busters (forensic lab event)
Game On (computer programing)
Mystery Architecture
Remote Sensing
Rocks & Minerals
Wright Stuff (balsa wood airplane construction/testing)

What is Science Olympiad?
Science Olympiad is a national competition that brings together middle school and high school students to compete in science-oriented events.

What is an Event Supervisor?
An event supervisor is a volunteer with relevant expertise who manages an individual event of the competition. It can be a teacher, student (college or above), industry professional, past or present. Nearly anyone with a background in the event’s topic is welcome!

What does an event supervisor do?

  • Read and become familiar with the event rules
  • Set up and run the event on the day of the competition
  • Some events require the event supervisor to prepare a written test, other events require them to identify, gather and/or construct supplies, measuring devices, and test apparatus

What support is available to volunteers?

  • Advice, insight, and other support are available from the competition coordinator as well as past and current event supervisors
  • We can purchase of supplies and provide volunteers to assist on the day of the competition
  • We feed you! Breakfast, lunch and snacks available on the day of the competition

If you have expertise/experience in any of the subject areas listed above and you are passionate about helping students succeed in STEM, please contact Erin at for more information!