Specifica Announces Publication of Two Peer-Reviewed Articles

Specifica Announces Publication of Two Peer-Reviewed Articles

Specifica Inc., announced the publication of two peer-reviewed articles describing its Generation 3 Antibody Discovery Platform.

Specifica is a privately held antibody engineering company that has created a new cloud based software platform giving researchers and companies access to an innovative antibody library and discovery tools.  This platform will empower companies to more rapidly create cures.

Monoclonal antibody therapy is a form of immunotherapy that uses monoclonal antibodies to bind specifically to certain cells or proteins. The goal is that this treatment will stimulate the patient’s immune system to attack those cells. The antibody therapy market is growing rapidly, and are the fastest growing class of therapeutics globally.

The first article, Drug-like antibodies with high affinity, diversity and developability directly from next-generation antibody libraries, Specifica explains the scientific rationale behind the new Gen 3 platform.

In the second article, A pandemic-enabled comparison of discovery platforms demonstrates a naïve antibody library can match the best immune-sourced antibodies, Specifica compares antibodies generated against SARS-CoV-2 using the Gen 3 platform with hundreds of other antibodies described in the literature, from over 50 different laboratories.

Andrew Bradbury, co-founder and CSO of Specifica states that, “These two papers validate the Gen 3 platform’s best-in-class status, fulfilling the original promise of naive antibody libraries made over 30 years ago, namely, to eliminate the use of animals or immune sources to generate powerful antibodies,”

To read more about this see the Business Wire News Release, Specifica Validates Best-in-Class Status for in vitro Antibody Discovery Platform in Two Key Peer Reviewed Publications.