Students Are Invited to Attend Virtual Science Institute

Students Are Invited to Attend Virtual Science Institute

The Supercomputing Challenge is sponsoring a free virtual Student Science Institute which will take place on July 16th, 2020. All interested middle and high school students and teachers, professionals in COVID 19, possible mentors, and sponsors are welcome.  

The Student Science Institute will include webinars, lightning talks, break out sessions, and classes. Lightning talks are short presentations by different speakers.  Follow up breakout sessions and classes will be facilitated by national and local scientists, and mathematicians and Supercomputing Challenge judges, mentors and instructors. 

The Student Science Institute will begin with a webinar, on July 16th, that will include a  variety of topics, some chosen by students and  others such as computer languages, tools, data sources, models, and problems. The institute will primarily be focused on Coronavirus related subjects.  Students may form study groups or teams and may find these subjects useful for Supercomputing Challenge projects in the future.

What will attendees gain from attending the Summer Science Institute?

  • Students will work on their skills to predict, infer, model, utilize data science, research, and design and test solutions to real-world problems.
  • Students will utilize NetLogo, an agent-based computer modeling language or Python.
  • They will discuss virus topics, software tools, data sources, and computer models with experts.
  • Finally, students could participate in break out interest groups.

To participate in the Student Science Institute initial webinar on July 16 at 1:00PM, please fill out the online registration. Once registered, a Zoom meeting link will be emailed to you.

To learn more please contact

The New Mexico Consortium is one of the major sponsors of the Supercomputing Challenge.