Supercomputing Challenge Announces Top Projects for 2023-2024 Year

Supercomputing Challenge Announces Top Projects for 2023-2024 Year

Supercomputing Challenge Announces Top Projects for 2023-2024 Year

The Supercomputing Challenge is an exciting academic year-long marathon open to middle and high school students where they work together in teams to tackle complex issues using science, technology, engineering, and math, while also improving their writing and presentation skills.

This year’s 34th Supercomputing Challenge just came to a close with the students presenting their research projects in an Expo and Awards Ceremony which were held May 29th and 30th in Los Alamos.

The Supercomputing Challenge is pleased to announce that the top projects crossing the finish line first are:

First place:  Tate D. Plohr 
Los Alamos High School
Project – Magnetic Reconnection

Second place:  Harrison Schiek 
Albuquerque Academy
Project – Water Runoff and Diversion Simulation

Third place:  Luke Rand, Greta Swanson, Nandita Ganesan 
Santa Fe Preparatory School
Project – Computational Hydrodynamic Analysis for Speed Maximization (CHASM)

Challenge students need to be recognized as critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, and computer scientists.

David Kratzer, Executive Director, states that “I am always impressed with the students in our state.  We are so proud to be able to showcase their abilities.” These students are prepared to be successful in any career or college.  By participating in the Challenge, students learn coding skills as well as practicing grit and persistence. By learning 21st century skills like meeting deadlines and exploring research, students cross the finish line. Students work in teams and follow their own interests to choose a topic to computationally model.

Scholarships worth $17,500 were awarded for students planning to major in STEM. Additional prizes were distributed for categories such as teamwork, technical writing, programming prowess, and community impact.

If you are interested in learning more, contact the Supercomputing Challenge at about next year’s marathon. The Challenge is open to New Mexico middle and high-school students, including home-schooled students.  If you’d like to assist, the Supercomputing Challenge encourages you to contact them to help build capacity for future years.

View all the final reports and pictures at

The Challenge partners include Triad/Los Alamos National Lab, New Mexico Consortium, Sandia National Labs, PNM, BigByte, Holman’s and most state colleges and universities.