2021 Parallel Computing Summer Internship Program

2021 Parallel Computing Summer Internship Program

Apply now to the 2021 Parallel Computing Summer Internship Program. This internship is for upper division undergraduate students and early graduate students from all STEM fields.

The Parallel Computing Summer Internship Program is a 10 week program aimed at giving students a solid foundation in modern high performance computing topics along with research on real world problems found in large-scale codes.

The program takes place from June 7 through August 13, 2021 and will be held at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Students must be available to live and work in Los Alamos, New Mexico. The program is currently planned for on-site, but may be remote if circumstances prevent an on-site location.

Attending students will receive training and lectures on modern topics in HPC and software development. They will collaborate in teams to identify and investigate different computational problems within the scientific focus areas. They will also work on cutting-edge high computing hardware to gain hands-on experience. Last, students will communicate their work through a scientific poster.

This is a paid internship with a 10-week salary of $7-13K based on the student’s education and experience. Approved travel costs will also be reimbursed.

To apply students must submit a current resume (state citizenship) and a letter of intent describing their research interests and experience, computational/computing experience, interest in the program, and their overall strengths and goals.

Apply at: https://tinyurl.com/LANLParallel2021

or by email: apply-parallelcomputing@lanl.gov

Applications are due by  January 15, 2021

To learn more about this summer internship, see the 2021 Parallel Computing Summer Internship Program brochure.