LANL Announces New HPC Computational Storage System

LANL Announces New HPC Computational Storage System

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has recently announced they have a new industry-first computational storage system that targets next-generation storage systems for high performance computing (HPC). For these recent innovations LANL has won a 2020 Government Innovation Award for their work on Computational Storage.

Brad Settlemyer, senior scientist with LANL’s HPC Design group says that these storage devices “…provide real opportunities to massively increase the performance efficiency of high-performance storage systems. As the capabilities of these new technologies become more widely understood, we expect to see the high-performance storage industry transformed by these technologies.”

This new computation storage system will support the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Advanced Simulation and Computing program. This program is responsible for guaranteeing the performance, safety, and reliability of nuclear weapons.

This NoLoad technology was developed by the company Eideticom. Their mission is to develop world-class Computational Storage solutions for cloud, HPC and enterprise data centers. Their NoLoad Computational Storage solutions are accelerating data center infrastructure enabling greater scalability, increased performance and dramatically lowering cost.

This work was all performed at the Ultrascale Systems Research Center (USRC), a collaboration between the New Mexico Consortium and LANL to engage universities and industry nationally in support of high performance computing research. The prototypes were built in the USRC data center in the first floor of the Los Alamos Research Park building.

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