Aurorasaurus to Present at AGU Fall Meeting

Aurorasaurus to Present at AGU Fall Meeting

The Aurorasaurus team, which includes scientists, ambassadors, volunteers and partners, is giving multiple presentations at this year’s fall American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting held at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center and available online from 13-17 December 2021.

AGU’s mission is to support and inspire a global community of individuals and organizations interested in advancing discovery in Earth and space sciences and its benefit for humanity and the environment. AGU meetings foster learning and collaboration, and promote topics that enhance perspectives across Earth and space science.

Monday December 13th included talks on the Assimilative Mapping of Geospace Observations: Data Tools for Collaborative Geospace by Tomoko Matsuo and High Latitude Ionospheric Electrodynamics during STEVE and nonSTEVE Events by Valerie Svaldi.

Tuesday December 14th included presentations on: AGU Michael H. Freilich Student Visualization Competition hyperwall presentation by Vincent Ludvina, talks on Up-Goer: Helping People work Together to Learn about the World by Larua Brandt, and Citizen Science and Distributed Ionospheric Measurements by Elizabeth MacDonald.

Wednesday December 15th is the MacGuyver Session: the place for Novel, Exciting, Self-made, Hacked or Improved Sensors and Sofware Solutions to Understand Space Weather with presentations by Vincent Ledvina, Jeremy Kuzub, Andy Witteman and Elizabeth MacDonald and Michale Hunnekuhl.

Friday December 17th, Laura Brandt will give a presentation on Applying a Science Products Inventory: Three Use Cases Across Earth and Space Science.

Also, congratulations to Vincent Ledvina, a University of North Dakota student and Aurorasaurus Ambassador, who won a grand prize in the AGU Michael H. Freilich Student Visualization Competition for his work on the North Dakota Dual Aurora Cameras in partnership with UNDLive Aurora Network, and Aurorasaurus.

Aurorasaurus is now hiring a postdoc! Interested parties may contact