Congratulations To All Students Who Completed Supercomputing Challenge!

Congratulations To All Students Who Completed Supercomputing Challenge!

Congratulations to all the students who completed the 2020/2021 Supercomputing Challenge! The Supercomputing Challenge is a program for middle, and high schools students to come up with a computational science project and work on it all year long.

This year’s Supercomputing Challenge, with the theme “Changing the World One Line of Code at a Time”, concluded with the 31st annual awards ceremony via a Zoom webinar on April 27, 2021. This was an unforgettable year and the organizers of the Supercomputing Challenge are very proud of all the students who participated. They put a lot of effort into their projects and learned a great deal.

This year’s first place winner goes to Robert Strauss of Los Alamos High School for his project titled, Neuromorphic Computing: Simulating the Brain’s Visual Cortex.

Second place goes to Rowan Jansens, Madelyn Kingston, and Brandon Morrison of the New Mexico School for the Arts on their project titled, SIN(language) Visualizing Acoustics During CoVID-19 with Spatial Signal Processing.

And the third place prize goes to Eliana Juarez, Sofia Juarez, and Graciela Rodriguez of V. Sue Cleveland High School for their project titled, Forecasting Dangerous Levels of Ground Ozone.

In this year’s challenge, 33 schools from all over the state of New Mexico competed! See a map of all competing schools at This year’s participation was a total of 193 people, which included 155 students and 38 teachers. We are very impressed with all participants for taking part in this incredible learning experience.

The New Mexico Consortium is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Supercomputing Challenge!

Article by Carrie Talus, NMC.