NMC Plans New Development in Los Alamos

NMC Plans New Development in Los Alamos

October 23, 2019 – The NMC plans a new development in Los Alamos. When Pebble Labs, a Los Alamos based start-up company, began outgrowing their incubator space at the New Mexico Consortium (NMC) Biological Laboratory, NMC CEO Steve Buelow decided the best option to keep them in Los Alamos was to sell them the building.

Now, after closing the $11.5 million deal, the NMC is planning on a big move to a new 86,000 square foot building at the Los Alamos Research Park, owned by the US Department of Energy and leased to the Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corp. The new building will house a bioscience laboratory and research greenhouse as well as office facilities, and will be located close the other NMC facility in the same park. The groundbreaking for this new building is slated for April 2020.

The NMC will continue to work to grow new companies and facilitate research at its new space which will bring more high-paying job opportunities to Los Alamos and the surrounding areas.

To learn more about this exciting new facility, read the entire Albuquerque Business First article: Big New Development Planned for NM Bioscience Startups and Industry.


About the New Mexico Consortium

The New Mexico Consortium (NMC) is an innovative effort to engage universities and industry in scientific research in the nation’s interest and to increase the role of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in science, education and economic development. This non-profit corporation formed by the three New Mexico research universities focuses on facilitating collaborations at the Laboratory interface.

The NMC leverages capabilities at LANL, universities and industry and provides agile and accountable operations to execute joint initiatives. The NMC develops and manages self-sustaining research facilities to support these joint initiatives. Through the NMC, the universities and LANL have developed more effective models to advance our nation’s interests and increase the impact of scientific research on the local and national economy.