Time to Register for 31st Supercomputing Challenge!

Time to Register for 31st Supercomputing Challenge!

It is time to register for the 31st Supercomputing Challenge! This program is for middle school and high school students of northern New Mexico to work on a computational science project during the school year. This nationally recognized program promotes critical thinking and project-based learning in science and engineering, and is a a venue for budding scientists and engineers to learn computational science skills applicable to numerous STEM fields.

The Supercomputing Challenge is a program that takes place throughout the school year. Teams of students complete science projects using high-performance supercomputers. Each team is sponsored by a teacher, and they work on a single computational project of their own choosing.

Virtual registration for the 2020-2021 Supercomputing takes place from September 1-20.  The student’s proposals for what they will work on for the year are due September 30th.  The virtual kickoff for this year’s program will happen on Oct. 3rd. See the Kickoff webpage for information about what will take place during the Oct 3 Kickoff and to access links to the class material, pictures, and more.

Teams and teachers can register for the Supercomputing Challenge here!

To see more information on dates and deadlines for this event see https://supercomputingchallenge.org/20-21/dates.php

To learn more about the Supercomputing Challenge in general go to: https://supercomputingchallenge.org/20-21/

The Supercomputing Challenge is supported in part by the New Mexico Consortium.