Research on Earth’s Radiation Belts Published

Research on Earth’s Radiation Belts Published

Geoff Reeves and Colleagues publish research on Earth’s radiation belts. This group recently published 5 new papers in the last quarter. Reeves is a Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Fellow with the Space Science Applications group and a New Mexico Consortium affiliate.

According to the LANL Space Science Applications website, “The Space Science and Applications Group (ISR-1) leads a variety of civilian and defense-related programs sponsored by the Department of Energy (DOE), the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and other U.S. government agencies.”

Reeves and colleagues are currently involved in the Van Allen Probes mission to study the Earth’s radiation belts and specifically how particles in this region of space affect space craft and satellites. He and his colleagues do this through measurements taken by the Helium Oxygen Proton Electron (HOPE) spectrometer, which is an instrument designed and built by LANL. This instrument is currently on the Van Allen Probes satellite and collects data on low-energy electrons in this region of space.

To read about these latest research on earth’s radiation belts publications in detail see:

  • PreMevE: New Predictive Model for Megaelectron-volt Electrons inside Earth’s Outer Radiation Belt. Yue Chen, Geoffrey D. Reeves, Xiangrong Fu, Michael Henderson. Space Weather, April 2019
  • Global scale ULF waves associated with SSC accelerate magnetospheric ultra-relativistic electrons. Y. X. Hao, Q.‐G. Zong, X.‐Z. Zhou, R. Rankin, X. R. Chen, Y. Liu, S. Y. Fu, D. N. Baker, H. E. Spence, J. B. Blake, G. D. Reeves, S. G. Claudepierre. Journal of Geophysical Research, April 2019
  • Quantification of Energetic Electron Precipitation Driven by Plume Whistler Mode Waves, Plasmaspheric Hiss, and Exohiss. W. Li, X.‐C. Shen, Q. Ma, L. Capannolo, R. Shi, R. J. Redmon, J. V. Rodriguez, G. D. Reeves, C. A. Kletzing, W. S. Kurth, G. B. Hospodarsky. Geophysical Research Letters, April 2019
  • Multi-event analysis of energetic electron precipitation and its spatial extent during EMIC wave activity. L. Capannolo, W. Li, Q. Ma, X.‐C. Shen, X.‐J. Zhang, R. J. Redmon, J. V. Rodriguez, M. J. Engebretson, C. A. Kletzing, W. S. Kurth, G. B. Hospodarsky, H. E. Spence, G. D. Reeves, T. Raita. Journal of Geophysical Research, May 2019
  • The relationship between EMIC wave properties and proton distributions based on Van Allen Probes observation. Chao Yue, Chae‐Woo Jun, Jacob Bortnik, Xin An, Qianli Ma, Geoffrey D. Reeves, Harlan E. Spence, Andrew J. Gerrard, Matina Gkioulidou, Donald G. Mitchell, Craig A. Kletzing. Geophysical Research Letters, May 2019