Spartina Comes Up With a Promising Treatment to Cure COVID-19

Spartina Comes Up With a Promising Treatment to Cure COVID-19

Spartina Biotechnologies has just released exciting news of their latest technologies called SIREN™, which is a promising treatment to cure COVID-19.

This new technology is designed to stop the replication of the COVID-19 virus in the infected patient while also giving a kick-start to the patient’s own innate immunity. This gives them double protection for the fight against COVID-19 without even using a vaccine. The patient will begin fighting the virus within hours of receiving the treatment.

The technology works using RNA interference (RNAi) for targeted gene silencing. RNA interference is an important process, used by many different organisms to regulate the activity of genes.

Once ready to go public, Spartina’s SIREN™ anti-viral technology will allow the patient to be protected from the infection and to recover faster and with less long-term impacts. One way this technology is very different from traditional vaccines is Spartina’s solution can be quickly adjusted to work against other viruses and viral mutation!

This new treatment is exciting news, yet it is still new. The treatment still requires more research and scientific validation, proof of technology studies, proof of concept studies, and eventual clinical trials to ensure that it will work as promised. The scientists at Spartina Biotechnologies are working hard on all these issues so that this technology can be ready as soon as possible.

At Spartina, New Mexico Consortium researchers are supporting modeling and laboratory efforts.

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